Thursday, May 3, 2012

a little bit of cheer


bunting 2

I sewed the big(ger) kiddos some bunting for their bedroom. Just a little bit of  colour and cheer to brighten the room up a bit. It was a surprise. It didn’t take long to sew and they’re both thrilled with it.  In fact they’re so happy they’ve both put in orders for more. Gosh I love them so much. They have the most wonderful imaginations and in a matter of seconds had grand plans for bunting to be hanging from every possible corner of the room. Both of them whole heartedly believe I can do absolutely anything and everything. It is so awesome to be that person in these little tikes eyes but also a little sad that they’re on the path to learning that I can’t. Oh well. That’s life I suppose. I’ll just keep doing my best.

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  1. OH that is so lovely! I love how the wee ones appreciate so much what we can do! I love that yours have such high hopes for all the new bunting you will make them! Love it! Very bright & cheerful!

  2. What a perfect bunting spot! And of course I have to give a shout out to the gorgeous blanket on the bottom bunk!

  3. Looking good Sally. And my Kid has already started to work out I cant do everything - she says "but I thought you knew everything" a lot these days. Oh dear :)

  4. Your bunting looks stunning! We have exactly the same bunk bed, I so want to make some bunting for the bunk now (there is some on the walls already)

    Yes, I love how my big girl (just turned 6yo) believes I can fix or make anything. They believe in us more than we do, sometimes. Love them!

  5. oh how lovely! And of course they would think you can do anything when you whip up surprise bunting like this!

  6. Fabulous! How lovely that something so quick and easy can make them all excited. I'm sure there are many kids out there who are not like that at all! You will always be SuperMum to them :)

    Just saw your twitter roll with your tweet about Rhys Muldoon. He is the best!!! Can't believe he's still on Playschool! He was always my favourite.

  7. What a gorgeous thing to do. I think I'll do something similar to brighten up my boys dark wooden bunks. My kids think I can do everything to and even when I'm feeling grumpy they still think I'm the 'best mum eva' (so says the mug the biggest boy bought me last Mothers Day from school).


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