Thursday, May 3, 2012


There has been a lot of pumpkin at our place today.

pumpkin roasting pumpkin boiling pumpkin
pumpkin in the slow cooker recipe for pumpkin scones pumpkin scones hot out of the oven
delicious pumpkin soup  pumpkin pizza

Pumpkin has been roasted, boiled, mashed, and blended. Baby O has eaten pumpkin mash and roast pumpkin pieces and the rest of us have enjoyed pumpkin scones, pumpkin soup and pumpkin pizza. There was even pumpkin in the pizza crust. Delicious it was too. Really really yummy.

I’m thinking that Ms. M and I might have made too many batches of scones lately because I was rather put out with the pumpkin scone recipe that I followed. Throughout the entire make-y process I was deeply in thought about whether or not I was actually making a scone at all. Firstly the recipe called for the butter and sugar to be creamed – a cake making method and secondly the recipe included an egg – another cake element. The end result was certainly something that tasted like scones, not cakes. The process has left me wanting to research scones more. That in itself worries me… clearly I need a life!!!

Do you know anything about pumpkin scones? Are they just an Australian food? What’s your favourite pumpkin recipe?


  1. All that pumpkin looks very delicious! Pumpkin pizza crust sounds like a winner too. Loved the bunting in the kids room, very colourful and your playmat for baby O is gorgeous. Hate this new blogger doesn't show up my reader as easily!

  2. I saw your pumpkin scones on instagram and have been having the serious wants for them ever since! Invite me over for morning tea????!!!!!

  3. Didn't Lady Flo have a recipe? I remember making them with my grandma :) Have you tried these? I haven't yet, planning to though. And nothing beats roast pumpkin drizzled with honey, it's like a dessert! YUM!

  4. Have you tried: feta, pumpkin, spinach and walnuts with pasta? It's a good one, haven't eaten it in years, we always ate when I was living in share houses at uni.

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  7. woah - something crazy going on with my commenting there. sorry!

    I love pumpkin. feel free to send some of your delicious creations my way!

    Thanks for your encouragement. 25 days until the 'magic due date'. So could be any time.

  8. It's such pumpkinny weather of late in my part of the world - barely making it over 15 degrees for the past few days.

    When Miss Seven was seven months, I fed her so much pumpkin her little nose turned quite orange. The MCH nurse was concerned but her paediatrician just laughed.

  9. I got my very first pumpkin in the garden - finally after many years of trying...

    and you know what?

    it is SO tasteless. grrrr

    I made some into our family favourite soup and that was bleh. I roasted some and used soy sauce to help enhance flavours - much better but could be better.

    Shame ha?

    no go here with pumpkin scones...

  10. Wow Sally, snap, we made pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones last weekend. I must have known it was going to rain so i got into the soupy/sconey spirit of the weather!

  11. it all looks so delicious and your photos are really beautiful

  12. LUV pumpkin Sally! It's one of my fav vegies. I make a really num num soup and it's so simple. But roasted is probably my most fav.
    Sorry I have nothing for you on the subject of how they originated, but you could probably google it.
    Yours look very tasty though. :)
    The bunting looks great! Well done. ♥


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