Monday, May 7, 2012


a pile of salvaged material

A small and exquisite pile of fabric that started life as a chair cover.

chair cover

Discovered on an oppy adventure and purchased for the super bargain price of a dollar. It doesn’t fit my chair. I never expected that it would. I bought it because I just adore the print. It is beautiful.

pretty chair cover print

I love the colours. The floral design. The scale. I love it all. It makes me smile, in a soft way. Not an I’m so happy ear to ear kind of way, rather a bitter sweet curling of the mouth’s edges.

chair cover little running stitches

Little uneven running stitches led me to believe that the chair cover was homemade.


Alas not. I think it has been handmade… but more likely in sweatshop or factory conditions. A sad start to it’s life. There was a number hand written on the under side too which gave me the impression that perhaps this item lived in a nursing home for sometime too. Of course I don’t really know. I can only speculate. There is a sadness that is associated with this cover and print, a melancholy perhaps. A beautiful sadness. Sadness can be beautiful too can’t it? I think so.

a pile of salvaged fabric 2

Cut up, unpicked, laundered and hung on the line on a sunny day this fabric is now ready for a new life. A new beginning.

Linking up with  Sophie and friends at Her Library Adventures today for the very first time.


  1. What a great piece of fabric to find! Looks in top condition considering it's been all around the place! So what you going to make then huh?

  2. I love the upcycling that it happening in the world these days.
    It has gotten to the stage where I stand holding a pair of old, faded holey jocks, thinking- surely these don't need to end up in landfill?...

    That fabric is exquisite and I am sure that you will do the next part of its history proud, Sal.

  3. wow what a find, its totally gorgeous. if only fabric could tell their story, wouldnt that be fun :) cant wait to see what you create. cheers

  4. love it! I would've snapped it up too. can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. its a lovely fabric! Alas, I have had to stop buying random op-shop fabric, due to the utter lack of storage in our new place.

    I am sure it is destined for good things!

  6. what a beautiful piece of fabric what a beautiful post.
    Can't wait to see you weave some Sally magic with it xo

  7. It is very lovely! I'm not into typical florals but I do love those sort of patterned ones! And I'm sure it will have lots of new happy memories to attach to itself soon :)

  8. Hello Sally,

    Good luck with the new project. Love the knitted jumpers in the previous post,great shots of the family.

    Happy days.

  9. Very much looking forward to seeing that gorgeous piece of fabric living its next life! Nice work.

  10. beautiful fabric, can't wait to see it evolve!

  11. Goodness, what a lot of love and care you've put into this already. I'll be interested to see what you make with it.


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