Thursday, June 14, 2012

born to knit :: the first square

born to knit the first square

The  first square for the Save The Children Born to Knit blanket has come off the needles. I’m pretty chuffed with it. The cast-on row is very inconsistent – but I’m not worried – I figure it can be disguised when the blanket is all sewn together. The tension is a bit wonky and there may very well be the odd extra or missed stitch here and there… for here and now it is my best effort. It will keep a vulnerable child warm – something that I know my own children absolutely take for granted – as they should.

the first square (2)

I’m going to make another one. Yes I sure am. I used bamboo needles for this square – maybe I’ll give the metal ones I picked up from the oppy a go. Maybe I’ll have a go at changing the colour too? Oooo… so much to learn. For me the learning is much of the fun. That sense of satisfaction that I can do it. I can! I’m chuffed. When that last stitch came off the needle I felt down right brilliant, like a real genius. There was a dance. There was running and shoving my square in the faces of family members. There was exclamations proclaiming to the world how much I loved knitting. The was indeed.

the first square (3)

You can do it too. Learn to knit – that is if you haven’t already. Why don’t you go grab yourself some 4mm needles and a ball of 8ply wool yarn too? I posted some useful links to start out with and there is this site too and there are some instructions here as well.

Perhaps you know how to knit but haven’t for some time and need to get back into the groove. Maybe you want to practise a new stitch. Come and join me and sign up to making a 20 x 20cm square in pure wool. Lets help out some children in need.

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  1. Lovely! If you are at all worried about little imperfections...darker colours tend to hide them :). But I wouldn't be worried if I were you - your square is full of love and will be loved...and that's what matters.

  2. You can knit! Go you! I think it looks great! It doesn't look like you have dropped any stitches or anything. Love that you are using a charity to practice your knitting. It's win-win!

  3. It looks great! I have to get around to learning how to knit one day... I love the smooth consistency of knitting.
    This will look wonderful as a blanket. Go you! :)) Kx

  4. thats an awesome effort :) well done & that dance was well deserved :) had mine half done until i realised i'd doen the wrong stithc !! doh, so starting again tonight :) will have to you soon & yes who knows, i may well do 2 too!!

  5. Hooray! Looks like a super neat cast off there to me. I'm sure the next cast on will be more even too. Which method are you using to cast on? Needles or thumb?

    Let me know if you want an extra square or two. :)

  6. Your square is rather charming Sally, I think you have done an amazing job :)

  7. It looks Super Sally!! it's addictive isn't it!! go girl !

  8. By jove I think she's got it :-) Lovely Sally!

  9. Oh, well done! I love the styling of your photo too, with the loopy love heart, very cute!

  10. Looks great! I've been meaning to pick up the needles again - I learnt as a child/teen but haven't done much since. Really need to give it a go much to do so little time!

  11. Ive been looking for project to get my knitting mojo back- I would love to join you and make a blanket too. Ooooh Im quite looking forward to it already. Your square looks just damn fine to me too


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