Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a recent purchase, a pet and an old photo

my new red bag

This is my new handbag. I bought it just last week. It was a bitter sweet purchase because up to that point my everyday bag was this sweet thing that I had won from Thouraya of Amelie and Atticus. The reality is though that it just doesn’t fit everything that I need to carry – namely the epi-pen for E. So I’ve upsized and snapped this bag up for a bargain at the DJ’s mid-year sale.

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skull-eton bones

This is Skell-eton Bones. He is E’s pet. Or maybe he is a she? Skell-eton Bones has a friend (I’m pretty sure E has named the friend Max?) that lives close by and I’m pretty certain they’ve had baby spiders. Not certain – but pretty sure. I’m no spider expert. E. loves this spider and occasionally takes food outside and has a chat. The web is just above the rosemary bushes that are regularly swarming with bees. I think E. appreciates it that his pet Skell-eton Bones captures some of those bees in his web. Nothing explicitly has been said – but I get the feeling.

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from 1979

This is a photo from 1978. I’m in it. Can you guess who?

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Ms M. looking at old photos full of questions and highly amused

And here is Ms. M going through the photos in the old photo box that lives on the top shelf of the wardrobe. She was quite amused.


  1. So sorry Sal I'm still mastering Linky Tools and have mucked up the closing date. Love your post. I adore a red bag.
    Your school pic looks like yesterday, no way could I ever pick you :) Thank You so much for playing along with My Place & Yours. xoxoxoxo

  2. That photo looks just like my Kinder photo from 1978 - the fashion, the hairstyles, I even think there are some clothes in this pic that I have it mine...must compare the two at some stage. Ha - funny. Love it.

    Is your eight legged friend a Golden Orb Weaver? We had one in the rose bushes last year that collected its food in much the same way - and looked quite similar too. She was there from birth to death and we loved watching her, as well as her web, grow and change. There's nothing better than a live science lesson for the small people of the house!

  3. So many blondies in your year group - you could be any of them! Are you the one in the middle and the front? Check out the Where's Wally look-alike you had for a teacher!

  4. are you on the bottom row third from the right?

  5. ok, my guess is second row from the front, third from the right! I'm right aren't i, i know i'm right.

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