Wednesday, June 13, 2012

three and a half

cupcakes for Ms. Ma surprise afternoon tea

Ms M. is three and a half today. I decided to surprise her with a special afternoon tea to celebrate. She has quite the sweet tooth and good appetite my girl so pink and chocolate cupcakes were always going to be an easy winner. Her birthday is so close to Christmas, at perhaps the busiest time of the year, it is difficult to just savour her at that time. The list of things to do is so long, the events are so many and in such quick succession. So this afternoon her brothers and I had an impromptu celebration of our wonderful and darling Ms. M.


So who is Ms. M at three and a half?

She is not so shy as she used to be, but at times can still be rather socially awkward. She’s a go getter… always in for a game of chasing still following her older brother and his friends around as though she were a puppy. It is sweet. She’s a champion of jumping… doesn’t matter where she is - on the ground, on a bed or on the trampoline -she just loves to jump.

She’s an observer - noticing nuances and situations that I often assume she’d be too young to grasp. She remains a big Dora the Explorer fan, Pirate Dora being one of her favourite episodes ever. If you ask her she will recount the whole movie length episode to you in great depth. She’ll explain the jokes to you too… just in case you missed them. Peppa Pig is also a great love, even on the sunniest days she’ll keep an eye out for a muddy puddle.

She is well drilled on domestic safety and has an eagle eye for the pins and needles that her mother leaves about on the floors. She is not one for quietly sticking it in a pin cushion – rather holds pin close to her mother’s face and explains the possible consequences if her younger brother should have happened to have found it. She cares for both her brothers deeply even though they both drive her crazy. She drives them both crazy too.

She loves the North Melbourne Kangaroos and was over the moon when her father recently gifted her a 2012 cap. She is very much like her father in so many ways. The two of them love to go grocery shopping.

autumn dressautumn tree and skirt

I recently made her a little cord pinafore dress and with the remaining fabric whipped her up a skirt with an applique t-shirt.  She loves pink. She loves butterflies. She love flowers. She loves it when I make her clothes. 

I love her. SO MUCH.


  1. What a gorgeous tribute & a special time to celebrate a half milestone :) very cute sewing going on. loved the spider talk too & the link to his private hunter to bees :)

  2. Gorgeous words for a gorgeous girl! I would say my girl is very close in age to yours - December 4th for us.

  3. Three and a half! Wow, time is flying isn't it. What a great idea to celebrate her half birthday! She sounds like a super sweety. I have a little OH&s officer here too. Very useful!


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