Sunday, June 3, 2012

well I suppose you’d call it a collection

the Queen pre-1966

It’s beautiful, yes? This stamp pre-1966 with its blue ink, fine lines, the shape of the “A”s in the font and the lovely decorative border. This stamp was made for licking, not peeling as though it were a sticker. Perhaps if you were refined or had many letters to post you’d have used a moistened sponge? When I was a child stamp licking was a prized job, like pressing the buttons in the elevator.

I voted for the republic in 1999. Symbolically it seemed appropriate especially with the impending centenary of federation in 2001. Even so I think the lady on the stamp is someone pretty special. If I had the chance to have a  meal and a good natter with any one living person then she’d have to be at the top of the list of considerations. The history she has witnessed, the people she has met, the confidences she has kept… what a pity she doesn’t seem like the gossiping type.

a brown casegrandfather's name and address

In this brown case, with my grandfather’s name and address there are many more stamps with her image. A page or two in fact.  Here are just a handful from my, well I suppose you’d call it… a collection.

Queen Elizabeth II stamps

It’s not just stamps of the queen that live in the brown case. I just thought it would be nice to share these with you first as it is her diamond jubilee this weekend and all. Each little stamp reflects a piece of history, an artefact from its time, or perhaps a commemoration of an event or person.

Here are some of, but not all, my favourites…

centenary of federation first issue (2)PNG Diana Envelopetriangle stampsSteven Bradbury Gold Medal japan has the cutest stampsaussie characters

There are just so many fabulous stamps from all over the world. I’ve been “collecting” stamps since childhood…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         page from childhood stamp album

… but I don’t think “proper” collectors stick their stamps into albums with clag glue!

So with this in mind you can imagine just how thrilled and excited I was when this packaged arrived at my door.

addressed to me

… and inside…

1. a belt2. a stamp belt3. stunning

belt heaven!

I was fortunate enough to win this stunningly gorgeous and exceptionally fine crafted leather postage belt from the very kind Emma of Emerge Design. I am so thrilled. I have never in my life owned such a beautifully made belt. Brilliant. Thank you so much Emma!


  1. So much good stuff here! Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm not much of a royal watcher so it's hard to get all excited about Jubilee on this side of the pond, but I do like the stamps, especially as they show the progression through the years.

  2. Such a wonderfully put together post of gentle segues and interesting tid-bits. It stirred long forgotten memories and made me smile. You have such mastery with the nostalgias.

  3. What a lovely collection of stamps to look back on Sally. I've got a few stashed away, it was a small faze that didn't last as long as my rubber collecting days. I do so remember the Magic Pudding and Ginger Megs stamps and oh the licking and sticking too. x

  4. I agree with Tanya!

    & the Queen stamps look great! I have a bunch just like it!

  5. wow what an awesome collection. my hubby has his grandfathers swap cards, theyre really beautiful. cant wait to see what else that gorgeous brown case is hiding :)

  6. what a fabulous collection! although my father in law is a stamp collector, and he would be slightly horrified at the idea of clag glue! *grins* and what a lovely belt! congrats!

  7. :) I remember those magic pudding ones and Blinky Bill as we had those books at home! Great stash you have!

  8. I love those magic pudding and blinky bill stamps!

  9. Sure looks like a collection to me. It makes me sad that letters are sent less and less and even when they are they rarely have a stamp on them. I recently got one from my folks in the UK and it had the union jack on it and I cut it off and thought I should start collecting stamps for the Kid.

  10. Great collection Sally! Ace in fact!! :)
    and that belt is wonderful, and what a fab colour. I could imagine me wearing that often! Such a thoughtful gift by a special friend. :)
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your very sweet comment. ♥

  11. Your stamps are lovely, they don't make them like they used to do they? I love the suitcase, it must be a treasure to sit and go thru. I am a fan of the queen myself, just posted a piccie to my FB page of her still riding a horse...what a champion! Hope I am still riding and looking as good in the saddle when I am 85! Love that belt, what a cool idea, lucky you!

  12. That stamp book brings instant memory recognition to me - I would never have thought of it but as soon as I saw it I know I had/have one too!
    Amazing Sal - and the belt is divine!!


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