Thursday, July 19, 2012

dishy cloths

knitted dishcloth Garter stitch dishcloth with crochet border.

stocking stitch dishcloth with crochet borderStocking stitch dishcloth with crochet border.

increase decrease dishclothIncrease decrease dishcloth.

I’m really getting into this knitting caper. It has been cold in these parts. Not as cold as other parts in the world but it is all relative right. I suppose the real challenge is that our home and wardrobes really aren’t equipped to deal with the cold. There aren’t enough cold days and nights to really warrant hardcore heating and clothing. Rugging up under a blanket with either a crochet hook or knitting needles is just perfect craft at this time. I’ve been working on squares for the Born To Knit blanket – I’m getting rather addicted to them. I’ll post some pictures of the squares that I’ve been working on over the weekend.

Learning to knit has been really fun. I’ve formulated a little process that I undertake when learning a new stitch. Firstly I just cast on a few stitches, say ten or so, and practice, make mistakes, unravel, unknit, tink, knit… this will become a doll scarf. Next up I cast on more stitches, around twenty or more, using cotton, and go through the process again. This will become a dishcloth. Then I cast on 44 stitches and knit up a square for the Born To Knit blanket.  

In other news I took the kidlets, all of whom are ill (still!) to the zoo today. I just needed to get them out of the house so we popped into the zoo for an hour and a half or so. We checked out the nocturnal animals, the tortoises,  the meerkats, the lions and the penguins. The drive, the fresh air and the sunshine did us all some good.

A rather random thing happened as we hung out with the penguins. A woman, older than I, commented with a really friendly and smiley face “you’re a good mum” and just kept on walking. I was caught a bit off guard. Naturally I was chuffed, I’ve had my fair share of public parenting moments where the evil eyes have been out in force and I wish the earth would open and swallow me up, but frankly now on reflection I wish I could run after her screaming – “what was I doing???” “why did you say that?”. A mystery. Made me feel so good though. Really really good. Thank you dear lady.


  1. Yay, I taught myself to knit and one of my first projects was dishcloths too. I was surprised how much use I actually got out of them. It's amazing what someone else's sweet comments will do for your heart. I need to make it a point to give random compliments too. It makes the day :)

  2. OH, that last paragraph has made my early morning. I can't stand people who judge others' parenting styles (unless of course they're injuring children then they should be Judged definitely), but in my opinion most parents are trying their best to be the best parent they know how to be.

    I would have cried if someone said that to me, because I know those critical looks. I get them everytime we go out.

    There should be more people like the lady at the zoo, and i think everyone would be a little bit more happy and relaxed.

  3. I love seeing you get into knitting and conquering. I really do, and I'm excited by it and for you.
    Love your dish clothes.
    bless that lovely lady at the zoo.
    But well quite frankly my dear to us outside it's bleeding obvious you are a good mum, and it's not one single thing you are doing, it's the whole way you are.
    SO stop thinking about it and just relish in it. it's true xo

  4. that lady at the zoo...BLESS HER. and hooray for you for being an engaged, thoughtful parent who likes your children and spends time with them- not all of those things all of the time, no doubt! x

  5. Yes, I would say she just saw you being yourself, saw your beautiful children and picked up your energy and knew she wouldn't be out of place sharing her thoughts with you. How beautiful.

    An older lady at the super market said similar to me this week. Emerson was asleep in the front of the trolley, Cohen was standing in the back and she smiled warmly at me and told me I was doing a wonderful job. It was a great feeling. xx

  6. There is something nice about knitted/crocheted dish clothes. I use them too and still make a new batch every now and again.
    I don't know about you, but i never think other people are paying any attention to my behaviour. So it's lovely when someone says something complimentary out of the blue. Enjoy it!

  7. Aww. You ARE a good Mum and that lady is just impeccably perceptive ;)

  8. your knitting has really come along, you should be super proud of yourself :) well done, loving the dishcloths :) cheers


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