Monday, July 23, 2012

eleven months

baby O 11mnths models chambray pantsBoth my boys were born on the twenty-third day of the month and both born on a Tuesday.

Here is my little boy, eleven months old today, modelling his new chambray pants. I’m not sure that I would sew chambray for a child again. It doesn’t wash and wear well, in the sense that it does need to be ironed. I don’t iron every day children clothes. I don’t really iron every day adult clothes either. Ironing is for special occasions in my book.

No photos of E. who is five and half today. He is still sick. Poor lad has been battling a bug for most of the school holidays and doesn’t look like he’ll make it for his first day back either. We are in possession of a ghastly black cough medicine, and really it is ghastly, so when a child requests to take it you really do get a sense of how ill they are. Although today you just needed to look at E. to know that he was struggling. He skin was so pale and his eyes circled with big shadows. Poor lad.

It is so hard to believe that there is only one more month to relish this sweet little babe as a “zero” year old (as his older siblings describe him). Check out that smile. It is so infectious.


  1. look at that, such a happy little guy. isn't it funny, with the matchy-matchy birthdays? my boys are two days (four years) apart! hope the other fellow feels well again soon. :)sarah

  2. Isn't it funny how babies warp time. It stretches out so slow but goes so quick, both. I hope E. is feeling better soon. My middle got pneumonia right before his 5th birthday (in spring! almost summer! so unfair). That's something I never want to repeat.

  3. Hello Sally,

    Oh with you on the ironing thing. That's set aside for craft work isn't it.
    Little man is so cute in his new pants. Hope the Big Little Man is improving. This Winter I have had a tin of water on the Wood fire with some Eucalyptus oil in it so we all get to breath good stuff. Hubby has had the flue so I also brought out the Steam Vaporisor and put some Eucalyptus Oil in that and had it going in the bedroom at night, worked a treat, also had it going through the day in the family room.

    A Birthday Party is next on your list I presume.

    happy days.

  4. So gorgeous :) Happy birthday the little man!! Kx

  5. OH what a smile! What a sweetie. It is amazing how quickly they grow.
    I hope E feels better soon. poor guy xo

  6. what a little luvvie. doesn't it break your heart when they look so sick with circles under their eyes? Hope everyone is firing on all cylinders very soon

  7. He is gorgeous and so are the pants. I know what you mean about the ironing - I never really iron anything and keep accidentally making stuff which requires it :)

  8. ironing!! is that what we SAHM are supposed to do?? oops...
    happy 11 mths to the little guy :) cheers

  9. Oh crikey yes, life is way too short for ironing - I avoid it all costs. Hope you little one is on the mend soon - poor wee thing.

  10. 11 months? Where did that go? But oh, what a cutie.

    Bah. The need to iron is over-rated.


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