Monday, July 30, 2012

old jeans; new life

refashioned mama jeans to baby pants

Some old Mama jeans turned saggy baggy refashioned into some pants for O.

elastic waist bandlittle areoplane patchlittle areoplane trim There is something so very satisfying about refashioned one garment into another. The satisfaction of not wasting materials, breathing new life into something that could so easily be tossed away and the creative process involved. There is a creative freedom in refashioning – perhaps because the materials are embarking on their second or third life – is it possible that the fibres themselves have a wisdom gained only with time?

rhinoscheetah giraffe

This morning after dropping E. at school Ms. M, baby O. and I headed off for a morning at the zoo. We were there for less than two hours, just checking in with a couple of animals, taking our time to meander and linger rather than rushing around to see it all. Ms. M. is quite concerned that cheetah’s apparently like living on their own. She does not like it. She thinks the cheetah should live with family. It was troubling her all afternoon and evening – she just doesn’t get that anyone would want to live on their own.

O. seemed quite impressed with the elephant. It was swinging and swaying in a slow soothing motion. O’s face clearly told just how enchanted he was with the grand beast. Not so easy to keep the boy in the pram these days. Finally enjoying some good health he is out and about exploring every opportunity he gets. It is so wonderful, and inspiring, to watch.


baby O


refashioned pants

So many lovely moments today. Sibling playing together and moreover enjoying each other. Gotta love those days.


  1. Great pants Sally, very sweet finishes. Your chick obviously values family and company, good on her.

  2. They look fantastic Sally :) Kx

  3. What a great idea! I have some denim legs I saved from a pair of jeans I turned into shorts. I wonder if there's enough there for a pair of baby pants?

  4. My kind of project....injecting life and fun into something that looks like it has come to the end of it's usefulness....They will live on for a while yet. xx

  5. Awesome pants! Love it!

    I just chucked some jeans in the bin! Ooops.... oh, that's right, they had more holes in them than is even fashionable! lol

    Great job Sal! He is growing up so fast!


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