Thursday, July 19, 2012

what a moron

Every July the prices at the local pool go up. It’s called inflation people. That’s why it doesn’t cost 50c to go to the pool like it did when I was a kid. Some old codger obviously hadn’t noted the phenomenon of inflation before because this week, after rudely pushing in front of me in the queue, he ranted and raved at the reception staffer for putting up the pool entry price by 25cents. Carbon tax and Julia Gillard featured heavily in his rude, ignorant and ill informed rant.

It made me angry.

The way he was raving on it was as if prices had never ever gone up until there was a carbon tax.

What a moron.


  1. He should go stand under a hose in the back yard.

    Moron. One of my favourite words.

  2. It makes me furious too Sally! So many ill-informed ranters in this country fed by those radio shock jocks. Hope you were able to do some strong laps of the pool to work off the steam! ;) Kx

  3. Oh now I wish your blog post was a voice recording, I'd love to here it in a very broad occer accent..."like, what a MORON". You must be younger than me, cause I am sure our pool used to be 20 cents ;) x

  4. You are so funny, I love it! Cranky old men, oh dear. Perhaps he was having a bad day and decided to spread his unhappiness around?

    Older people have a tendency to push in front of me in lines too! I'm too polite (shy?) to say anything, but a young woman behind me recently said loudly to me, "that woman just pushed in front of you." Everyone stopped and looked at the lady in front of me who had pushed in. I would never say it, but it was secretly satisfying that some one said it! :)

  5. SO all that stress he was feeling and his body was taking on for what .25 c!

    (shaking my head)

  6. oh and the poor staff who had to hear it and receive the aggression...

  7. Maybe 70 odd years of "inflation" is just too much!


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