Friday, July 6, 2012

winter wonder

winter wonder

Out of the blue I seem to have unwittingly taken an impromptu bloggy break. More specifically I’ve been on a bit of a computer break generally. The days this past week have been glorious. Awesome radiant winter blue skies with soul warming sunshine. I have been sun-chair bound lapping up golden rays, drinking cups of tea and getting stuck into a book, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Not my usual choice of fiction but I did certainly enjoy it. I’ve not seen either film version so now I am a-wondering which film version I should watch first?

I’m still digesting ideas regarding transparency versus concealment, the role of media to scrutinise, ethics, power and so many more. So much food for thought. Have you read it? What did are your thoughts?

Last Friday I returned to work following my maternity leave. I went back a little early to take advantage of returning in the last financial year. At this time I am only going into the office one day a week. That’s enough for now. While Ms. M. thrives at day care and just can’t get enough of it (determined to go today although both her father and I thought she’d be best to stay at home as she seemed ill to us!) it is a big adjustment for baby O. who has barely been out of my care over the past ten months.

The forecast for the weekend ahead is a rainy one. Perfect for catching up on my favourite blogs and with any luck some creativity too. Every cloud has a silver lining.


  1. Hello Sally,

    Hope you enjoyed the return to work.

    Have a wonderful family filled weekend.


  2. going back to work is hard, but sometimes good for the mummas. I have read the trilogy but saw the non English version of it on DVD, I liked it but as usual the pictures you make in your own mind or often better so i enjoyed the book more. Enjoy your sunshine, we are having some too! x

  3. Loved the book! Read all 3 & really miss them. They are great!

    Good luck with work adjustment. It's hard balancing it all...

  4. Ah yes, I guess you would be going back to work soon. Little baby O, it will be some adjustments but I'm sure he'll love going just as much as Miss M very soon. At least it is just for one day a week atm. In regards to the book, movie etc. I would say do watch the movie. I haven't seen the hollywood version yet myself, but the swedish movie was good, albeit felt a bit short as there was so much more detail in the book of course. And do read all the other books in the series!


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