Monday, August 27, 2012

a weekend of baking and celebrating

1. egg shells

2. raspberries

3. egg

4. blueberries

5. dishes

6. friands & muffins

7. tester - red velvet cupcake

8. on the table

9. gifts

10. birthday cake

11. pinjata

12. lolly gathering

13. give me more cake!

14. the birthday boy

What a wonderful weekend!

There was baking on the Saturday and celebrating on the Sunday. The youngest member of our mob is now one.

We were blessed to share our celebration with good friends and spectacular weather.

Our little one had a marvellous time, particularly relishing his birthday cake.


…and now I am completely and utterly knackered!


  1. Aww how cute is that last photo! It looks like a lovely busy weekend.

  2. happy birthday small one! looks like a really lovely celebration :) rest up, mama.

  3. All that baking and cooking...and then all the dishes...but looks like it was all totally worth it. xx Happy Birthday little guy.

  4. Looks Fabulous! Happy Birthday to the little spunky man!!!

  5. looks like so much Fun, and i think Otis agrees!

  6. I can't believe he is one already, Happy Yummy Bithday Otis

  7. Oh Mr O, you are so handsome, what a lovely party & gorgeous family celebration.
    Sally, yes our chickens eat the roses, petals, leaves, they even give the stems a go!! We have not had a single food scrap they can't eat either, they gobble it all down. We even feed them back their egg shells (cook at 170C for 10 minutes, crush) & it is a fantastic source of calcium for them, again, nothing wasted & they don't taste like their own eggs (actually more like burnt meringue) so we're LOVING our chickens, love Posie

  8. Wow! Love the photos. Is that a lakeland mini cake mould? Very jealous! We had a 1 cake for our daughter's first birthday - but it wasn't nearly as well iced as that! They grow up way too fast don't they?!


  9. Oh Sally, I love your blog so much. Have just been given a sewing machine that WORKS today, so I came straight over here!! Had a good chuckle seeing the birthday card with the chicken dance song on it "doo doo doo doo doo doo doo..." - I wonder if Mr 1. picked up that little nugget from Heath when he was reading it? :D Looking forward to seeing you all on the holidays!


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