Wednesday, August 15, 2012

little aeroplanes for my not so little babe

aeroplane pants for O.         Not a lot of sewing going on in these parts of late. The couch is so much cosier so you’ll most likely to find me tucked in under a blanket either knitting or hooking away rather than shivering at the sewing machine. Still Baby O. will insist on growing so some new trousers were in order.

aeroplane pocket detail

I used fabric in my stash. Some pale blue cotton drill and some  especially sweet drill with little embroidered aeroplanes. So cute. I fear my days with a dedicated sewing space are numbered so I’m on a mission to stash bust this coming year.

at the park at the park (2)baby O wears aeroplane trouser pairs

All of my mob are shooting up at the moment so there is great demand for Mama to get her sewjo back and make some new clothes. There are some projects cut out ready to be sewn which I fear have been grown out of before the first stitches have even been made. I might be lucky though. One lesson I learnt early on with this sewing caper is to cut a size up when sewing for kids.

Any tips on how to find one’s sewjo?


  1. oh my lordie, they are sooooo cute !! love them to bits :)

  2. Cute pants. What has happened to your little baby? When did baby O get so big? Sewjo, I think, is like other things in that the more you do it, the more you want to. I'm finding the sewing room a cold space at the moment too, which doesn't help.

  3. suuch sweet little pants! those embroidered airplanes, dying of cuteness!

  4. ohhh I love them! Can you make some in my size? The little planes are so sweet and what a darling model - well done all round :)

  5. Where'd the baby go!!??
    I find to get my Sewjo back I clean up my sewing space. Having a clean slate (so to speak) on which to start makes all the difference for me.
    Also I make a list and set myself a few small tasks then have a sewing reward when they are done.
    At the moment - do the mending and hemming that has been keeping me out of the sewing room, then get to make a dress!

  6. don't ask me, I lost mine with the move ;) maybe this move will awaken it again.

  7. cute pants! You have inspired me to make some for my boy!

  8. Gorgeous pants Sally - love that aeroplane embroidery and they look so cute on the little man!


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