Sunday, August 5, 2012

sunday snippets

at the gym    

I went to the gym four times.
  ms m Ms. M gave me lots and lots of smiles.    
    baby O  
Baby O crawls and explores.

There were rainy days and rainbows.

Raja, a constant companion.

Linking up.


  1. I'm impressed with your gym effort....always good to get some exercise...hmmm must remember to do some myself. have a great week. x

  2. Four times to the gym Sally! Good going you! I've managed to walk, mmmmm, maybe once this week! :)))
    Loving the smiles from those two sweeties. Aww and look at the face on that Raja. Sweetie too. ♥

  3. You go girl, that's fantastic going to the gym four times you must feel great after those exercise sessions. Smiling faces and beautiful rainbows, just perfect. Have a great week. x

  4. 4 visits to the gym is awesome. I went once last week, but it was my first time back after a 6 month break, so I was very pleased with myself.


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