Sunday, August 12, 2012

sunday snippets

only got to the gym once at the park on a rainy day part of a square, part of a cal
O really does love to crochet sort of seed stich... rib stitch when I forget where I'm up to. Oops. at the barber
a yarny bike indian takeaway - yummo. the living room express - toot toot

Picked up some overtime at work, good for the bills but not so great for the work-life balance. Only got to the gym once and on Saturday night we indulged in some take-away.

Ms. M, E. and I all had our hair cut. E. decided he liked having his hair cut so much that he would give it a go himself and now has a few bald-ish spots on the top of his head!

Baby O. really really loves to crochet. His eyes light up when he spots a crochet hook or a ball of yarn that is within his reach and can play hooky for a long time so very content. I love it.

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  1. you'll have to teach little o to crochet :D
    your knitting is looking fab!

  2. Hello Sally,

    Looks like Mr O is a left handed!!!!
    Hope you all have a lovely week.

    happy days.

  3. Reminds me so much of when Kaizer used to sit beside me with hook and yarn in hand :)

  4. Baby O has been watching his Mum hooking away, very cute how much he is enjoying it too, they really do take in so much more than we know. Take away treats are nice to have sometimes aren't they, a little break is good:) I hope you have a great week Sal. xx

  5. a busy productive week by the look of it. did you all get around in the 'bus' it :)


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