Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the week thus far

school sewing

I was the parent helper at E.’s school on Monday. I try to volunteer at once a term. It is tricky because I need to find care for Ms. M and baby O. while I’m at the school – our support network is very limited. When Dave can arrange to take a day off I volunteer to help out at the school. I missed term 2 though because we were blitzed with medical appointments with a number of specialists for E. and there is after all only so much leave available to Dave.

I really enjoy helping out the in class room. It is so nice to put faces to the names, and also to get a sense of how E. is doing. E’s class is learning about space. I am so utterly impressed by how much E. has learnt about the solar system. His teacher has created a space corner for the children to play in and had plans to make some space-ish dress-ups for the children. I couldn’t help but volunteer to help her out. Her plan and vision was very simple – the idea being let the children’s imaginations fill in the blanks. What five year old isn’t drawn to bright and sparkly fabric? I picked up some neon-orange thread to use when sewing the rolled hems – it just struck me as out of this world.

loving sparkley fabric

In the afternoon I had a dental appointment, my first since E. was born. I am always put off from going to the dentist by the the cost. There is always something else that I could spend the money on. It was playing on my mind though that it had been so long since I’d been so I picked up a Saturday’s overtime at work with the intent of using the income to go to the dentist. Before I’d even seen the dentist the receptionist was telling me that I would “need” to pay extra and get x-rays to check my teeth. This is my primary fear of the going to the dentist… cost. It is not as if you can shop around for a dentist that you can trust. I’ve seen lots of dentists in my years – some better than others. The worst was like a pushy hairdresser pushing products and treatments on me while I was vulnerably flat on my back in the chair.

The dentist I saw yesterday afternoon seemed trustworthy enough. She wasn’t arrogant, she didn’t make me feel bad about my teeth and she wasn’t pushing treatments and products on me. Even so, the appointment that took less than half an hour cost just under $300. I really do feel that dental care should be included in our Medicare system, I can’t understand the logic of why it isn’t? Afterall, hospitals have dentists so why aren’t they viewed as health providers by Medicare?

Today? Well today has been a slow day. I haven’t been feeling very well so I spent much of the day crashed out on the couch watching season seven of Entourage. Gosh I like that show.

The rest of the week? Hanging with these two while their big brother is at school.

hanging with these two


  1. The money we spend on medical and dental. I can't even tell you.

    It's always hard for me to help at school too. Ditto on the support system.

  2. I used to take Eloise along for reading groups when she was a babe in arms, but now she's a wild thing...same with the support system for us! I should probably volunteer for some at-home things. That final pic is just gorgeous. :)sarah

  3. I'm the same with dental. I really value it and my ideal would be to go every six months but expense rationalisations has meant I haven't been for a couple of years. I usually use my tax return to visit the dentist and service the car. This year I bought a Thermomix. I wish there was some kind of known standard about the pricing, it varies so much and I have really struggled since my dentist retired a few years ago.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about dentists. Next time you go, if Inglewood isn't too far, go see Nooshin at Dental 864 and say I told you to come. She'll take care of you. She might be booked but just tell Ponta or if it's Amanda in reception that I referred you and you'll be right ;) I miss that place, I had so much more fun working there than what I do now :D

  5. That last picture is priceless! What were they laughing at?! Otis is hilarious with his two bottom teeth haha I love it.

  6. The space outfits look great. I wish that dental was covered by Medicare too. There is/was a "teen dental plan" where they offer I think a $30 voucher for teenagers to get a check-up, but I feel they should be doing that at a younger age.

  7. ahhh what cute little kidlets! love the expressions on their faces!


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