Sunday, September 30, 2012

cheer cheer the red and white

converse cuties celebration!
cuppa tea cupcakes at work

What an awesome weekend! The Swans won. My team, my boys, … they did it. They won. I was so stressed out for most of the day. It has now become a bit of a tradition to watch the Grand Final at my Weagle loving friend’s house. There were many Hawk supporters there (including my first born who decided to become brown and yellow supporter on the day!) , but a friend’s daughter and I are true Blood supporters. My my. How anxious we felt in that last quarter. My darling Kangaroo supporting partner took the primary parent role – which was in the children’s best interests in that last quarter as I flew my arms around firstly in despair, then hope and finally wild celebration. I was shaking for quite some time after the game. So emotional. So excited. Jumping up and down screaming like I was a child on a trampoline. Singing the team song & Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. After all the excitement died down, as I arrived home I actually started to feel sick - my body physically overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster of the afternoon.

Today I soaked it all in. Watching as many AFL shows as I could on free to air TV basking in the glory of their victory. ‘Twas a perfect day. ‘Twas a wonderful weekend. Cheer cheer the red and the white!


  1. Wow that is funny...well not funny but so full of passion...being west aussies we watched more passively but were "rooting" for the Swans.
    Glad it was a good day for you. xx

  2. I thought of you when I heard they had won. I on the other hand, watched not a single minute of football for the entire season apart from any minutes they played on The Footy Show which I love and watch regularly. Crazy, I know.

    Hope that win was a sign of an awesome week ahead for you, home on holidays with no school routine to interrupt anyone!

  3. I too was thinking of you as the team our household follows was beaten! Fortunately I am not quite as passionate else I would have been heart broken! lol Glad you had a great day & enjoyed the win! Savor the excitement!

  4. Yeahhh! I was going for the Swannies. Maybe next year we will get to see a grand final reminiscent of 2006?!?! Funny actually, I think we both have much more likeable teams now than we did then. I love footy. Its exciting and I am sad that is is finished for another year. Cheer Cheer the Red and the White!

  5. Was much in a similar state to you on both Saturday, and Sunday. On Sunday I could enjoy and take it in.
    SOO over the moon ! Our boys ! the best xo

  6. Yay for you! I could care less about football and had to work so got to ignore it all. All the grumpy old football hating ladies were out shopping and annoying the poop out of me by trying on all the clothes and then leaving them on the changing room floor!!! So praps I would have been better off staying in and pretending to like AFL! x


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