Monday, September 17, 2012

getting out

at the parkat the park (2)

Spring sure has sprung in these parts. It is time to get out and about. Now is the time… because summer will be here before we know it and then we’ll be back indoors, or at least retreating into the shade, during the middle of the day.

Surprised Dave at work with an unexpected call to meet up with us for morning tea. Shouted him a coffee at a new cafe on Beaufort Street.

Got my first call from the school and had to pick E. up early. His first venture into the sick bay. A big dose of TLC and  he was feeling much better later in the afternoon. Not sure if he’ll make it to school tomorrow though – I can hear him moaning in his sleep as I type and when I last checked in on him he was tossing and turning, very restless indeed.

Today has been filled with lots of small and lovely moments. Crumpets for lunch. Siblings sharing. Watching DVDs. Snuggling under blankets. Playing ball with O. Group hugs. Lots of chit chat. Noice manners. Moments so small they will no doubt regrettably be forgotten.


  1. As determined as we are to remember each second, sadly it doesn't happen. Love those lovely, snuggly days...

  2. It sounds like some lovely little moments to remember and such a nice day for all of you. I do hope that Master E is feeling better soon. xx

  3. Hope your big boy is feeling better and that there have been many lovely moments today. Even if we don't remember them all, we remember the feelings and your children will be able to look back on their childhoods and know they felt loved and happy. What a precious gift. xx


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