Thursday, September 13, 2012

never enough

never enough time

Sands through the hour glass? Around these parts of late it has felt more like sands through the funnel. Frankly it’s a bit overwhelming. There is something on every day and the list of things to do just grows and grows and grows. Just now I want a holiday from my life.


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  1. Me too. Today isn't ending for forever. Tomorrow is just as long. The weekend is a total non-weekend. I'm so cranky about it, really. Homeschooling two and having one in school has me burning the candle at both ends, really, with almost no down time at all. I haven't been this tired and worn out since we had a baby in the house.

  2. Very clever knitting! I was wondering what you were up to with that clock.

    When I feel overwhelmed like this I know it is time to start saying no to more things, asking for help (difficult I know, but you will be surprised) and making lists. Make sure you put more coffee breaks, like in the pic above, on that list too! xx

  3. I hear you...the lists just keeping growing in my world too.....but I love your clock. have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Did you make that!???? Love It!!!!

  5. Very very clever:) I hope that things have settled down some for you it's been a bit like this here lately too, looking forward to holidays starting next week. x


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