Thursday, September 20, 2012

ta-dah :: born to knit blankets

the needleWith this trusty needle I have been sewing together knitted squares and made three complete blankets for three children in need.  A small contribution.

born to knit blankets

It has been such a pleasure to sew these blankets together. I am  rather chuffed with how they’ve turned out. So many different contributors, so many different wools, so many different tensions and sizes… and it has worked. They’ve come together so nicely and are so full of love, kindness and warmth. Blankets full of hugs from people across Australia for children across the waters in poorer lands.

blanket 1blanket 2blanket 3

The children and I took the blankets to our nearest Save The Children store today to hand over the blankets. It was such a good feeling, the children were really excited too. It was so good that they too could be involved. They’ve been watching me knit , receive parcels and sew squares together for a couple of months now. We’ve had lots of conversations about how other children live and about how fortunate they are. We’ve spoken about the different ways we can all help others, including people much closer to home.

blanket 1 (2)

Originally I was going to post them, but I have to confess that I’ve got quite attached to these blankets. A small part of my everyday for the past couple of months has gone into them. In some ways they became friends. I felt anxious at the thought of them going astray in the post. Initially I felt a bit shy going in person but I’m so pleased that we did, not just for the children to be involved, but also to learn that the store had received many blankets ready to send OS.

blanket 2 (2)

… and now the blankets are on the next part of their journey while I’m sitting here at home feeling a little bit lost and lonely without them. A little bit sad that the project has come to an end

…for now.


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  1. The blankets all look great, Sally. I would have trouble putting them in the post too. You have done such a wonderful thing, organising this.

  2. They look gorgeous Sally! A job well done lovely lady. You should be super proud! x

  3. i love them all. ALl so gorgeous and comforting.
    Such a beautiful thing you've done.
    PS Yep i'm the same about tomorrow night, dreading it more than looking forward to it. We have grandma's funeral tomorrow too, so it's going to be an emotional day ....

  4. Thanks for showing us the completed blankets, they look so warm and cosy, I'm sure when someone far away is snuggled into one of them this winter they will be so grateful to their unknown friends.

  5. aww my heart is sprouting with pride knowing there are some gorgeous people in the world ready to help in any way :) well done on a mammoth effort :) you should feel super proud of yourself :)

  6. Hello Sally,

    Ooh those squares knitted with love have taught your children so much. Now they will be loved by someone who will be most thankful for them. The journey for the blankets doesn't finish here it just begins.

    Happy knitting.

  7. Sally, they look great! What a rewarding experience and nice to get the kids involved with delivering them as well. Well done on getting them all finished, I'm looking forward to seeing your next project on the go.

  8. The story is all part of the process isn't it, how lovely to share that with your kids Sal. Glad to have been able to share in this with you, thanks for organizing it and inviting us to join you. They look fabulous.

  9. You've done a beautiful job Sally, sewing them together and giving of yourself for others. I'm sure that these blankets will be treasured and loved as much as you loved making them. xx

  10. The blankets have turned out beautifully. Thanks again for taking the time to get everyone involved, for sewing the blocks together and delivering the finished blankets. I'm sure they will be much appreciated by their new owners.


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