Saturday, September 15, 2012

time to go pool side

It is almost time to go pool side. Almost. A couple of hurdles to overcome though. The biggest is that our pool got “sick” over the winter and needs a pump overhaul to get it clean and healthy ready for the summer. Ker-plonk! …it is going to hurt my purse me thinks. The other hurdle is my perforated eardrum. It would seem I have an ear infection that has actually perforated my eardrum. That would explain why I have been *so* grumpy and emotional lately.

Oh well. At least Dora is hanging out poolside…

fun by the pool

This vintage pool set is intended for Barbie dolls, but Ms. M doesn’t have any …yet!

backyard pool set

I’m not pro-Barbie, but I’m not anti either. I remember playing with her as a young child and having a wonderful time. I had many. Along with Lego she was one of my most memorable toys. As an adult though I do have some concerns about her unrealistic figure, ideas of body image and representations of femineity.

So to this end I have adopted the attitude that when Ms. M asks for a Barbie then she’ll get one – not that day of course but when a ‘gift’ is appropriate. Her older school-going brother often suggests to her that she gets a Barbie and talks about how all the girls at school like Barbies. He is very keen for her to get one. Ms. M on the other hand at this time couldn’t seem less interested.

This very morning cuddling in bed I asked her what she’d like for her birthday. Predictably her brother piped in with the suggestion of a Barbie… but Ms. M shunned the idea instead proclaiming that she wants chocolate for her big day. Her birthday isn’t for a couple of months yet but I already know that I’m going to get her the huge 1kg box of Whittaker Chocolates*. She will be beside herself!

friends hanging out

So, what are your thoughts about Barbie? Are you her friend or foe?

* She’s an awesome sharer so no need to worry about childhood obesity – she won’t eat them all!


  1. I used to love Barbie and being from a family of four girls - we had plenty. Most were gifts from other people and I remember whenever Mum bought one it was always the brunette one haha.

    I actually really got into Barbie - I collected magazines and books too! I don't think I ever aspired to BE Barbie though... she is almost too unrealistic, that I think even children see straight through her. I also remember reading a fact once that if Barbie's proportions were on a real person, they wouldn't be able to stand up straight because their head and boobs would make her too top-heavy!

  2. oh I love the idea of her getting all that chocolate! What a child dream!

    I didn't have a barbie doll. Big sister did - & the camper! But we weren't really doll kind of girls... Glad I have boys, trains, trucks, transformers etc are quite fun for me now! lol

  3. I had barbies, but much preferred my cabbage patch kids! Until my brother arrived when I was ten and then I had a real life baby to dress and undress umpteen times a day... which he did not love!

  4. i find barbie irritating. my sis and i were a bit meh about her as kids. i think we each had one real one that were gifted by rich child-free aunties, and one christmas we got a huge box of like 400 accessories, which we promplty lost, one by one, in the yard. i remember many more interesting things to play with. i'm not keen on my kids playing with barbie, but baby girl is only one. also irritated by the blue and pink aisles in the toy section. that all from me :)sarah (ps omg word verification- why oh why does it mock me so?)

  5. i agree that modern day babrie is a little too trendy, however I was fortunate to have all my old barbies, with which my little one plays with. there is a HUGE difference. these days, they dont even bend in the knee! whats with that? maybe you could scout the op shops or ebay to find some older ones. they really are different & less provocative :)

  6. oh & dont even get me started on the difference with my little pony's !!!

  7. Hello Lisa,

    Hope the ear problems work themselves out, must be a pain.
    Our girls had Barbies, they cut there hair and painted them, I did often wonder why Barbie needed such a cleavage though.
    I refused to buy Cabbage Patch Dolls, I thought they were ugly and the advertising at the time really turned me off. I bought a Strawberry Shortcake doll instead, she is still up in the shed, and still smells of strawberry all these years later.

    Happy days.

  8. Sorry Sally,

    Must be Sundayitis.


  9. That is a great way to deal with it! I am about the same, neither pro nor against. Many fond memories of playing with my barbies and it didn't screw me up but I have no plans to force them on my children either. Don't get me started on those tarty Bratz dolls however!!!

  10. Both of my girls have a Barbie or two, the older one wasn't too fussed with them she'd rather be crafting and the youngest loooved them. I don't think it really matters to have the odd one I think that she really just enjoyed playing dolls and dress up rather than looking at her body. These days Barbie is sitting in a box in the cupboard. x


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