Thursday, October 4, 2012

a bear bunch

These bits and pieces have finally come together. The result? A bear bunch. 

Unlike Jess I’m not so good coming up with names and stories for my new found friends. Perhaps you could help me? Grab a coloured bear – name it and tell me her/his story. Go on. Help me out and have a little fun.


  1. Just gorgeous Sally.
    I love them all.
    But its way past creative time on the East coast.
    I look forward to reading what others come up with tho.

  2. I'm afraid I'm not much help either, but they are rather cute Sally.

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  4. Oh they look so terrific well done! BJ just called the purple one Pirate. Purple & pink are his fav colours a the mo. lol You did a great job on them! Awesome! I bet your 3 have picked one out each already! lol

  5. I worried all night that my comment might have been too rude for these little cuties Sal :( Comgratulations they're mega gorgeous ;)

  6. Oooh I love them all!

    The orange one is Rusty. He's a dab hand with a spanner and gets up to all manner of mischief in his workshop. He likes beer and barbecues and tells really lame dad jokes.

  7. What fun! The sky blue one is Dreamer..that's why he's looking up at the sky..his colour is a reflection of the sky too, he has his head in the clouds, this little visionary! Dreamer is a good listener too, he'll hold your secrets close to his heart and never tell another soul.

  8. Hi there, I'm Harriet and as you can see my favourite colour is red. It goes without saying, given my colour and my creator, that I am a Sydney Swans fan and when I am not cheering on my beloved 'bloods' I like to listen to daggy 80's music and admire my snow dome collection.
    I'm looking for a soulmate who is open to making a move from the big smoke to the seaside, oh and definitely can't be a Collingwood supporter.

    Too cute Sal - oh and Cam I love that Rusty tells lame dad jokes!!

  9. My name is Daisy. I am yellow and my favourite season of the year is Spring when all the flowers are growing and the blossoms are blossoming. I love cuddles and singing.

    Sally, love them all, you have been very busy from the look of it.

  10. For Mr Minty -

    Samuel is a bit of a hipster. He loves nothing more than styling himself up with a fedora and a handmade knitted scarf. You'll often find him at the local jazz bar, up on stage with his saxophone. He favourite meal involves a mojito and a bowl of wedges and aioli.

    PS. Gorgeous bear bunch! Where are they headed?

  11. OH I KNEW IT!!! Love them all especially that red dude on the end.
    Ps you can always take my lead , and name them after swans footballers.....

  12. Gorgeous Sal! I'm crap with names too. Cool photo xx

  13. They are so adorable.....clever you making so much cuteness.xx

  14. Very cute bears - love the rainbow colours.


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