Wednesday, October 3, 2012

creative crafts at the show

Creative Crafts
A small sample of the creative crafts exhibited at the Royal Show this year.  Lots and lots of traditional crafts – not a lot of modern spin. Even so I must say that I was thrilled to see that the Osborne Primary School had a knitting class – even if the students did knit toilet paper covers and The sandwich container crafted into Subi train station was very innovative and conceptual indeed.

My beloved is nudging me to enter next year. Perhaps I will.

Have you ever entered a regional show?


  1. Yes, Yes Sal do it ... you'll be so darn pleased with yourself when you do it ...C'mon don't procrastinate ... go for it ;~)♥

  2. Yes Sal, do it! By then you will have a nice crocheted square blanket! Or 2 ! or 3!

  3. That elephant is adorable! You should definitely enter something next year. I entered a knitted vest in our local show last year. Unfortunately, this year I didn't have time to enter.

  4. The elephant and the toys are sweet. I think you definitely should enter something, I keep meaning to enter something in the local show each year and it always comes around much sooner than I expected so I don't have anything ready :)
    Why oh why are they not teaching those kids how to knit a beanie or a sampler blanket instead of toilet roll covers?????? I doubt most of them have even seen a toilet roll cover it would be much more encouraging and useful to knit a beanie that they could wear!!!! Just my 2cents!


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