Monday, October 29, 2012

elephants and stripes

an elephant hatan elepant hat the other way
A hat for baby O.  Elephants on one side and stripes on the other. Two appliquéd tees to go with. This boy loves to play outside. Running sand through his fingers or rolling and chasing a ball two of his favourite outdoor past times.


  1. OH that is so awesome! Just love his hat! Just love his shirts! What a terrific bunch of pictures & Lovely sewing!

  2. I love it! And O is so damn cute. How can you stand it??

  3. Oh the elephants are adorable.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post today, i'm already thinking of a follow up, like getting a confident to run posts & ideas past, as blogging hatred is getting a bit crazy.
    I like you too Sally, hugs to your little ones, love Posie

  4. Very cute! What a good idea to make up both fabrics into shapes on the tee two matching combinations instead of one.

  5. I love how you have done that. Again SO VERY clever!


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