Sunday, October 28, 2012


1. morning2. morning3. morning4. morning5. morning6. morning7. morning8. morning9. morning

The other day I did get my butt into gear – jumped in the shower and then bolted out the door to enjoy the morning. I’m so glad I did. A shower on my own. Brilliant. The golden colours of the sun rising. Heart warming. The bird songs. Joyful. The cold fresh air and stillness – just what I needed. I wandered. Meandered. Breathed in deeply. Watched. Listened. Enjoyed.

Some observations about the morning that I am usually too fast asleep to know… the birds start singing outside my bedroom window at four thirty a.m. and the street lights switch off at quarter past five.


  1. Beautiful photo's! Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Oh Sal the images are divine, the tranquility you discovered shines through. I'm so pleased I popped in and saw these glorious shots ... BUT ... that's as close to early morning as you'll get me ;) Mega Thanks for making such an effort, so very beautiful x♥x

  3. So much easier to get up in the morning now that Summer is coming. I love these shots! Especially the arty bark one haha.


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