Friday, October 26, 2012

out of sync

It’s 0322hrs and I’m awake. I’ve been falling asleep early these days. Unable to keep my head from falling on the pillow, my eyes heavy and ready for sleep. There is no daylight savings here. No extra hour at the end of the day, instead at five in the morning it is full light. The day has well and truly begun. Like roosters the children are often awake before then, somehow sensing that ‘crack of dawn’ moment despite the darkness of their bedroom. I’m a night owl. An anti morning kinda gal. The kind of person that hits the snooze button a zillion times and still has to be dragged from the bed, perched on a stool and fed strong coffee before shedding the cranky pants. It is unnatural, unheard of even, for me to be awake at this time of day of my own accord. I’m all out of sync. I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

The days are fleeting by. There has been more illness. My partner’s turn this time around. He created a ‘special’ childhood/family memory this week. I can hear the tale years from now already. “Remember the time when we were driving down the freeway at 100ks and Dada stuck his head out the window and vomited and how the vomit splashed back all over M’s window?” A truly gross and yet absolutely hilarious moment. Poor guy. Nothing worse than feeling crook in the guts – and probably not nice having your entire family laughing at you as you have your head stuck out he window like a large dog hurling up all the contents within. I’m thankful for it though. I haven’t had such a loud and raucous laugh in a while. The kind of laugh that just goes on and on and comes from somewhere very deep within. A laugh that tickles every fibre of your being. It felt good.

I’m struggling to keep track of what day it is. I missed Brown Owls last weekend because frankly on Sunday I didn’t realise it was Sunday! We almost missed watching E.’s school swimming lessons on Tuesday due to a comedy of errors – but we made it there in time… and the beaming smile on his face was totally worth it. The entire family was there to watch him – waving to him and giving him the big thumbs up whenever we caught his eye.

We were late to Ms. M’s ballet lesson because I missed the turn off and had to drive the long way around to back track. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for her. Stressed out in the car at the thought of being late, then elated when she thought she was actually the first person there (because she hadn’t realised that everyone else had gone into class) and then shy when we went in late and reluctant to then join in. She did though, eventually – after catching a chronic case of the sillies! I’m so proud of her. She certainly does follow the beat of her own drum. Every single other student wears a ballet leotard and pink tutu. M rocks up in whatever she is wearing on the day. Be it shorts, a skort – whatever. She has never once mentioned the fact that she looks different to everyone else. It doesn’t seem to be important to her. I asked her if she’d like me to sew her a ballet skirt and she said that would be nice. I told her we could go and pick some material together – but frankly there was no urgency coming from her and she hasn’t mentioned it since. I really like and admire that about her.

I’m off to work today. Its my regular day on Friday. I’ve been doing as much overtime as I can of late. The rotten luck with things breaking and falling apart continues. It was the pool pump’s turn to break this week. Children are growing and sprouting needing new shoes, new bathers, … it feels like the money is flying out of my purse.

Time to go hit the shower now I guess. Maybe since I’m up already I’ll head into work a bit earlier. Grab a coffee and watch the magical colours in the sky as the sun rises. Maybe. Or perhaps I’ll just stand in the shower and let the water rush over me – enjoying the peacefulness of the house and a moment to bath without three little people all crashing my party?

How have you been of late anyway? My blogtoberfest has been a total flop. I’ve not read your blog in sometime… I’ll catch up soon – I promise! But in the meantime – how ya been?


  1. Soooo glad this was a pic free post today....poor husband, at least he held his head the right way and lucky those in the back a) had the window up and b) didn't start vomming in sync....could have all been so much worse ( and it keeps making me giggle but pls don't tell him that)
    Thank goodness for daylight savings I say because here in Tas at the hight of summer we have sunrise at 4 something, without daylight savings, I would be waking up at 3.30!!!! Cos I'm like your kids, suns up and boinnnggg, so am I! Mind you I like being a morning person and I do feel for the slow starters all foggy and dopey.
    Been so lovely to catch up and hear about the kids and all.
    Regards to the mister and thanks.

  2. hahaha... to what Tanya started saying... Yep, phew for no pics!

    Glad to see you check in. We are all up to date on your week. Sometimes life is just crazy busy! & the Silly Season isn't even here yet! Hope you enjoyed your peaceful shower time!

  3. ah! this explains the instagram pics of the sky at 5am ha ha!
    hope you enjoyed your moments of serenity this morning.
    and that your partner is feeling better, ick!

  4. Tired children over this side of the country because of getting used to daylight savings...I'm not really a fan of daylight savings- but I forget that the other option is really early sunrise- so that would drive be abit batty. I am not a morning person- but I do like the idea of it!!!
    Poor man- gee, I hate vomiting.
    I am out of sync because I am waking up between 3-5am far too regularly. I have annual leave now though and am really looking forward to a home week, pottering about and remembering myself- and finishing a quilt which has a next Wednesday deadline...
    Take care, Sal.

  5. Oh you have had it hard. AND you still stand tall and proud and it all keeps happening! We are all rolling along here. Keeping head above water. LEarning some deep stuff which will journey on for a while. All good for our souls. ABout to go for a walk with the dog and hope to rid my mind of cobwebs and the little one just sit and look rather than talk talk talk!

  6. We are the same here, we just moved so school is now 20 odd mins away and we are continually late and I keep getting lost. Then 2 weeks after we moved we went on hols for a week, so still trying to get organised and un-organised from that, now there is so much end of year stuff and prep for Poppy to do Prep next year and am 14 weeks pregnant and jsut want to collapse in a corner and hate everyone, but that is ok. There is light at the end and fun inbetween! xx

  7. I kind of hate daylight savings. It messes with my kids' body clocks twice a year. In the spring we had two weeks of bedwetting from a dry, dry girl, because her sleeping rhythms were all confused. The clock switch is coming up again soon so I suppose I should brace myself just in case.

    I have also been off with the sleep lately, for all sorts of reasons. I hope your rhythms settle down soon (and my own!). Everything is harder when Mama is tired.

  8. Hi Sally, you really have had ups and downs this week! I have a 26 who still wears exactly what he wants to and disregards other peoples opinions. He has a thing for colour and often wears his favourite bright green shorts with a bright red shirt just when others are wearing their best beiges! I don't think that will ever change either..but then it's one of the things I love about him. I hope your daughter never second guesses her own tastes either.

  9. I can relate to some of your IS moving at a pace that is sometimes way too fast for us to hold on.....hope that things turn around for you and you find some quiet and still so that you can feel a little in control. Hope the hubbie is well now and I am guilty of the laughing thing....the laughter you find in the most inappropriate moments is often the most hearty. xxxx

  10. Oh Sally, I hope things pick up soon. I can relate to this post (not that we're sick right now) but just how chaotic and hectic life with kids can get sometimes. xx

  11. Yowsers! Hope you've come out of your funk by now. Your poor husband is not alone in his head hanging out the window vomit... I too may have participated in that type of action after a particularly heavy night on red wine. My husband was more worried about his brand new car than me!!!

  12. Oh, poor D! (Although I did have a good giggle at your description of the experience as well). I also completely understand that money issue. Our microwave is making weird noises and our vacuum cleaner is not so keen on sucking up the dirt anymore. I've been doing some extra days at work but then yesterday I went and started getting sick. Right before I have a week of four days of work. Hoping I can kick it in the butt by tomorrow. Hope nothing else major breaks for you between now and the end of the year. I hate how it all goes at once.


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