Saturday, October 6, 2012



I’ve never really considered myself to be much of a planner. I am the daughter of a chronic planner and worrier so I’ve always regarded myself to be rather laid back and impulsive, a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. If it was ever true it is no longer. Since becoming a mother I have become more and more a planner. It is for my sanity really. I need to write down who needs to be where and when. No overly complicated plans but a name and a place next to a date so that I don’t put too many things on any single given day.

These days when I leave the house I take water bottles, snacks and maybe even a change of clothes if we’ll be out for sometime. I visualise in my mind where we’re going and see if I can get as many odd jobs ticked off lists en route. I detest nothing more than having to retrace my steps in a day. Yet still I wouldn’t consider myself to be a compulsive planner, I’m still flexible to last minute changes and impromptu plans.

Currently my partner’s family are in town. Standing next to these people I might appear to be a compulsive planner. It was only a couple of days before they arrived that they actually confirmed their trip, letting us know that rather than staying in town for one week they now were staying for two. Then after a couple of days they had to find accommodation in the midst of the school holidays because despite booking a trip for two weeks they’d only booked accommodation for three nights! Bizarre. If I was going on a trip the last thing I would want to do would be flapping around organising new accommodation when I could be lapping up the sights. I just don’t get the logic. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Perhaps it is because I feel so time poor I want to make sure I can maximise every minute to its fullest potential? Who knows?

An exciting parcel arrived this week. My new diary for 2013. This is my third red weekly notebook planner in a row. The size and format of this diary really works for me. A small space to jot down events and a ruled page to write lists, thoughts, observations, questions and the like. I’ve already coloured in all the school holidays and have events and plans recorded well into April.

So what about you? Do you plan or just lob up?


  1. Yes me too Sal. I plan, write lists and heaven help anyone who messes with my plans. I firmly believe writing it down get's it out of my head thereby making way for other things! I'm a Moleskin lover too but converted to 'Rebound'!
    I recently received my Little Golden Book 2013 Diary from Ben & Nat at 'Rebound' in Melbourne. This is my 5th year using Rebound. I can't rave enough about how wonderful their notebooks, journals & diaries are ... Google them I'm sure you'll love their products too.
    Hope you're enjoying a gorgeous time with the rellies. xo.

  2. Same as Cherie said! Write it down & it's not cluttering my mind any more.

    I have a calendar which is our go to date fixer. If it's on there it's locked in. I have a diary in my bag which got mostly neglected but now is a match almost to the calendar for life on the run... I have already got notes on the calendar for March, so I really need to get the new calendar & diary already! Darn that! lol

    Now to go look at Rebound & your moleskin ones... hmmm...

  3. I love to plan things but I have no attaché,to to the actual plan so if it goes awry that is ok. I put everything in my phone calendar and on a wall calendar, I would love an app. That would allow my calendar to be transferred on Chef's phone.

    The thought of going on holidays without accommodation booked gives me hives!!!

  4. I just got a new phone and decided that it was time to take my calendar digital.....Im weeping already that I won't be buying a 2013 diary.

  5. I've been using a Moleskine notebook/planner that began in July and goes all the way to the end of next year. It's the soft cover version and I think it might be bigger than the one you have. Because I'm homeschooling, it gives me a place to jot down what we did each day, in case I ever need to write up something more official, and I use the lined sides for my planning notes and to-do lists. And of course appointments go in there too. My husband uses his phone but I can't give up the paper; plus, I like tucking the old planners away, and the notebooks I use for grocery lists and miscellaneous stuff. It's kind of fun to find one and be reminded of what I was doing with the kids in 2006. :)

    (My Moleskine is plain black and I decorated the cover with some lovely Washi tape in neutrals, with text printed on it. Love love love.)

  6. i would agree with you sally, being a mother means a certain amount of planning is necessary. being a dad however...they just wing it don't they!!
    i like to think myself laid back but things like holidays, i NEED to know where we are staying. espec. since little people have arrived in our lives. evenback packing through europe, i had to make sure i was at least a couple of days ahead booked with a bed i knew i'd flop into. the rest can get made up.
    at the moment i seem to function with 2 things. the good ol' fashioned diary that sits in front of my computer & my i-phone diary. maybe thats a little adhd, but i seem to need both!
    love your new red diary :)

  7. I use google calendar on my phone, but I'm also a list maker and find tapping stuff into the phone is a little too slow for my liking.I like the way the electronic version handles repetitive stuff like birthdays and weekly things like playgroup and fortnightly speech therapy sessions. Seriously, if I don't have that stuff on my calendar, I forget!

    These days if I am taking a holiday I have everything planned including where we are staying, and having taxis booked, but have in the past just rocked up to a motel without a booking for an overnight stay. I wouldn't do it now with three kids in tow.

  8. I am totes a planner! I have three diaries on the go... a family planning wall one in the kitchen that everyone gets to see; the calender on my iphone which syncs to the ipad when I am out and about and the love of my life Erin Condren Planner for me! If it's not in those then IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!!

  9. Sally, you're making me very nervous!He he, Ok I thought I was a planner, definately a lists person, but I haven't even thought about 2013..maybe I should :)

  10. Me? A planner? Ha ha! I drive everyone mad because I'm such a butterfly brain. I still manage to get everything done, but more by luck than judgement! Then again I'm really organized at work ... go figure! Thanks for stopping by my blog Sally - I love getting your comments!! xx

  11. I'm a bit of both - definitely laid back and casual - but if something is planned, I try to write it down. I also love writing "to do" lists.

    I love your red moleskin!

  12. As a teacher I am more of a make-it-up as I go along kind of a girl, following the children's ideas and whatever pops into my head, but at home as a mother, I am a sync the diary with the hubby and plan where I have to be/what I have to do kind of a girl. Occassionally I have experienced the best of both worlds combined, with excellent results!
    Love the red diary muchly xx

  13. The red diary looks great. Does it fit in your handbag and easy to carry. Last year I felt super organised, I had an awesome diary that would sit on my bench and I even had it colour coded. This year I could not find it and have felt lost and disjointed all year. I saw it the other day and snapped it up straight away. It is however too big to take up to school to add dates to or keep in my handbag.


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