Wednesday, October 17, 2012

strawberries and flowers

my precious Ms. M
Ms. M and I made this hat together. Together in that she chose the fabric and embellishments and I toned down her embellishments and sewed the hat together. You won’t know it from the photo above – but she is really really pleased with it. That’s just her surly model face.
strawberry and flower hat for Ms. M

I used the Kids Hat Pattern from You Sew Girl. I’ve used the pattern before, with varying brim widths. It’s a winner!  It is lined with a pink gingham. Cute. Just like my sweet precious girl.

Sewing along with Carmel @ Solomon Sewing. Late again. I’m not sure that I’m cut out for this sew-along stuff. I am yet to finish my skirt from Cam’s sew-along earlier in the year! One day… maybe?

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  1. It's a beautiful hat, Sally. Totally worth waiting for <3

  2. Looks terrific! Looks gorgeous with it on. That's her model pout that is all the rage now, didn't you know?

  3. it's totally gorgeous Sal, really outstanding xo

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous photo. That top one deserves a frame of it's own. Cherrie

  5. Love the hat - and Im so glad Im not the only one who is slow at sew-alongs ha ha

  6. It's a really lovely hat...the pressure of sew alongs is too much at have a done a great job with this one though. x

  7. Way to go! I really like this hat - perfect h and she has the right look to model. Yea she does.

  8. What a gorgeous hat and model!! Hiya Sally! xx

  9. She's a perfect model! Love ya work!

  10. Hello Sally,

    Just love the first photo. Beautiful girl and hat.

    Happy days.


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