Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the holidays that were

are we there yet hairdresser at the show
at the laundry mat hairy maclary high tea
tickets colouring O at the laundry

I’m not sure if it is right to describe the break between school terms as a holiday. It sure was a busy and hectic time – not a lot of lounging and resting up going on. Not until we were all sick – and let’s face it – resting up when your sick doesn’t count as a holiday.

I barely saw my darlings in the first week; the kiddo’s paternal grandparents were in town so they spent as much time as possible catching up with them and I went into the office and did some extra hours.The second week was for the most part a write off with illness.

Even so my precious babes and I did get to do some special things together. There was the Royal Show, the Are We There Yet? Exhibition, Hairy Macleary and friends, & Madagascar 3.  Baby O was a fan of the laundry mat – the other two not so much. Ms. M enjoyed the hairdressers and E. was at his creative best throughout.

… and I even got a chance to get frocked up and head out to high tea sans children on the last Sunday for the very special occasion of celebrating Megan and her new liver’s first anniversary together.


  1. Busy busy busy. Glad you got through the sickness. Glad you also got to enjoy some fun stuff! Woohoo! Congrats to your friend Megan. Terrific stuff!

  2. You're right...they were hectic ...fun but hectic especially with a job outside of the home thrown in there for good measure. xx


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