Sunday, November 25, 2012

a natural pair

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This afternoon, by chance, I came across one of my favourite films on the tele. Better still the Mr. was taking the kids up to the hardware store while I had a rest and did a bit of knitting. The Natural is a film that I don’t think is possible to watch too many times. As a kid I’d recorded it off the T.V. one night, staying up late to carefully pause out the ads. That VHS video was watched over and over many a lazy Sunday afternoon, gradually becoming more and more stretched as the years went on. Often my father would watch with me. He loved the film, the character of Roy Hobbs, just as much as I did – perhaps even more. Oh my, that final scene where Roy Hobbs (Redford) hits the baseball into the electric lights and they explode like fireworks, coupled with the triumphant music, it is still exhilarating these twenty-five years later.

baseball PJs
I played t-ball for a season or two when I was kid. Unlike Roy Hobbs I was no natural. I enjoyed the game well enough, but being prone to day dreaming and distraction I was often placed in the out field where I was free to chew my mitt and cloud gaze. There was one particular game though where I was placed on the third base. I remember it clearly. I was tired. I was off with the fairies once again and I vividly recall yawning, stretching my arms out straight above my head. Slap. The baseball landed squarely in my mitt, and somehow I managed not to drop it. Needless to say I was pretty shocked to have caught it. My coach, a family friend and neighbour, was beside himself with joy. A coaching highlight for him, unbeknown to him the accidental nature of my achievement, it seemed to me he felt like all his hard work and afternoons of training had been worthwhile. To this day I’ve never confessed the true account of that magical catch.

baseball PJs (2)

I’m not sure if it was my fondness for The Natural or recollections of that glorious childhood sporting moment that led me to buy baseball printed fabric. I’ve a niggling suspicion that the ultimate persuasion was a heavily discounted price. Regardless I’m on de-stashing mission these days (which incidentally is not going very well at all) so last week I  sewed up my boys some more matchy-mis-matchy pyjamas. Serendipity? Me thinks so.
brothers in baseball PJs

Have you had any serendipitous moments lately?
Or perhaps watched a film for the 100th time?
Maybe you’ve had a glorious childhood sporting moment too?

Do share.


  1. oh look at little o's sweet face, he looks SO EXCITED!

  2. Awww, those boys are the cutest!
    SO rapt you're joining us for #reverb12, Sally! It wouldn't be the same without your gorgeous self.
    Kat xxx

  3. I remember playing t-ball when I was at school, I didn't mind having a go but sadly I don't have any glorious sporting moments to share. I bet you must have been pretty chuffed that you caught that ball too:) I'm not much of the sporting type, I did like to play a game of squash. Your boys are so happy wearing those cool pj's you made, they're so lucky Sally to have you sew them such lovely things.xx

  4. I've never been a t-ball girl and I haven't seen that movie either! We used to play double wicket cricket in upper primary and I was always the last pick uncoordinated one. Daydreamer as well and to even worsen those things, scared of the ball. I will never forget one time though the ball was flying at me so I closed my eyes and put out one hand and goodness knows how but I caught it. That poor unlucky person who hit it, they must have felt ripped off!

    I still close my eyes if someone throws a ball at my face, even after playing netball for five years as an adult. You'd think I would have learnt after I got hit in the face by the netball the first few times!

  5. Hello Sally,

    The outfits look great. I remember playing softball at school. Just loved sports.

    Hope you are having a great week.


  6. Your guys look so sweet and I love the themed fabric ..even better it was discounted. xx


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