Thursday, November 22, 2012

dino pants

dino pants for O

Some dino pants for baby O. Sewn quickly, now that I photograph them I wished I paid a little more attention to how I cut them out. Fussy cutting just doesn’t feature much around here.

snack timedying lawndino stacks

The boy’s full attention was on eating his dino snacks. Full of concentration so that he doesn’t spill the bowl’s contents - he just loves chicken drumstick biscuits. Not a particularly healthy snack – but tolerated every now and then in these parts.  All the children love their novelty. Even so it is so rare to have a photo of O. looking so serious.

The weather is heating up in these parts and the lawn is turning summer brown.

Time to strip off and get that sprinkler going.

clothes offclothes off (2)

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve running over the top of a sprinkler. These days though I do second guess my decision to turn it on – attitudes to using water sure have changed from those days way back then. For my part I don’t want to deny my children such a simple pleasure and concurrently I want to teach them how to preserve water. Its yet another balancing act.

What about you? Do you turn the sprinkler on for the kids to run and play?

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  1. hahaha... I just cut out some pants too. But don't feel like sewing. Love them! O is getting so big! Wow! What pattern do you use? I will need long pants later on for D.

    We call those drumstick biscuits "Fish biscuits" as that is the shape of the fish biscuits on the Octonauts. That is one thing I could get B to eat only cos it was from that show! Yep, got to have something special for a treat now & then.

    Yep warming up well! But you will be getting over the warm bit into hot already! Don't melt already though!

  2. I am a big fan of sprinkler fun. Living out in the wheatbelt it was always a highlight of our summers. As soon as I have kids there will definitely be sprinkler running, although ours is hooked up to the bore so I will have to invest in one to put on a hose instead. I know what you mean though about saving water, it certainly wouldn't be an everyday activity! Great dino pants and that is an excellent photo of O too!

  3. Love them, i agree with you there is no room for fancy cutting!

  4. IS that SERIOUSLY Baby O! NO WAY! Love the pants - what are you on about more attention to the pants - they totally Raorrrrrrr

  5. Hello Sally,

    What fun pants. Have a great day.

    Happy days.

  6. we have a 4000 litre tank we put in to do our little bit, but i feel funny using it for the kids under the sprinkler b/c i can see the algae growing on the gauge, so wonder if the water is a bit dodgy in the tank!! anal i know, but at least the garden gets watered for free. the kids all paid for by water bills!!
    very cute pants modelled by a very cute boy :)


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