Sunday, November 4, 2012

finger puppets

finger puppetsfinger puppets (2)finger puppets (3)

Gorgeous and generous Mandy recently sent the most marvellous parcel – full to the brim with fabric from vintage sheets. Tucked inside there was a stitchy treat for me (I’ll show you later) and these brilliant finger puppets for my delightful cherubs. They all love them, and already we’ve been treated to some pretty cool (and somewhat absurd) shows. Lots of fun.

Thank you so much Mandy.


  1. Such a generous parcel, I agree. I love the little hedgehog particularly!

  2. awwww... thanks for the pics! Love it! Made my night! Love to them!

  3. Gorgeous!! Love a good finger puppet show.

  4. She is such a clever thing isn't she...your little one will have so much fun with those. xx

  5. So awesome! My fingers are jealous! :)


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