Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i bought a ticket.

I bought a ticket. An entry in tonight’s $100 million lotto draw. Often I dream about winning lotto, but I don’t often buy tickets. I don’t join in with the work syndicates. I didn’t buy a ticket in last week’s $70 million draw. Not sure why I decided to jump in this week… I think it was because the man in front of me at the newsagent was buying tickets. I bought a calendar for next year that was already half price – and then thought hey why not. So after buying the cheapest lotto ticket I could see I ended up spending the full price calendar amount. I have a calendar and I’ve had two days to dream and imagine “what if”?

I asked my partner “what if?” and he quickly, like it was his life’s purpose, replied that he would pay off North Melbourne Football Club’s debt. Really? This took me a bit by surprise. The quick response and his determination. I was thinking he would travel to Africa or Asia and help all the poor starving children, perhaps establish a charity to support children’s literacy. Nope. Saving the footy club is his first priority… and then he’d save poor starving children. (Perhaps by making them playing footy???)

For my part, I can’t actually imagine winning that much money and my dreams always seem to lead to problems. I wonder if winning that much money would actually be more of a burden than a prize. So much responsibility. It would change every relationship I have in one way or another. Winning that much money could actually be quite an isolating experience. Thinking about it makes me realise how happy and content I actually am.

If I did win I would be sure to contribute to lots and lots of charities. I would do my research and make my decisions as thoughtfully as I could. I would dedicate my life’s work to helping other’s and this is where I find the whole idea of having so much money and power awfully frightening. How do you decide? There are so many people and causes in need. I guess these issues plague me now too. Just on a much smaller scale. At the beginning of a financial year I consider the charities I will donate to and make an effort to budget contributions. I find it stressful and at time heartbreaking when charities phone me to request support or sell lotto tickets. I just can’t afford to contribute to everyone.

I know that if I did win tonight I’d be sure to send this family to the US of A and I’d also significantly increase my sponsorship for this woman’s skydive and worthy cause

… and I’d head straight to the yellow pages to find myself an ironing lady and cleaner!!!

What’s your “what if” you won lots and lots of money?


  1. I would buy a house here and one in England and one in NZ, because they have all been my homeland, then I would spend all the summers in each country and stay away from the cold, I would give lots to my two favorite charities, ahhhh dream on old lady.

    1. Oh I do like the idea of following summer around the globe :)

  2. i would buy my dad a home so he could live stress free until his days were done :)

  3. If I win, I am going to get them to put it in my paypal account, lol. I'll use some to pay my electrity bill and maybe I might get some new carpet? I think I would try to keep it quiet for as long as I can. It all seems a bit absurd, really. I would be happy to win a lot less.

  4. I haven't bought a ticket 'cos I've been thinking about this very question. It would be wonderful to buy my sister a house of her own or help people or even buy some new clothes and a new car..but I don't want my life to be consumed by managing all that money...and doing less would be irresponsible. I wouldn't be able to give it away to just anyone knowing that it could even make their lives worse in the end. I hope whoever gets it is ready for it character wise.

  5. I've even bought a ticket too! I can count on one hand how many times I've done this btw. I've always fancied setting up an electric train line between Hobart and Launceston but I think even 1st division might be a stretch for this dream...one day....I'm a dag I know!

  6. It certainly is a LOT of money to win isn't it. I think if I was to win I would look at taking care of my family especially my Mum and Dad as well as close friends, perhaps paying off their homes. A holiday and that motorbike that hubby wants that I keep on telling him we can't afford:) I do hope that someone who needs it wins, that's what I always hope for. x

  7. Oh I hope you won a little slice of the pie last night??
    I am not good with those kind of decisions so I think I am better not having anywhere near that much ...too much stress. xxx


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