Saturday, November 10, 2012

matchy mis-matchy mob

matchy match PJs

At their request I made my smalls some matchy pyjamas. I used an old cotton dressing gown that my partner had bought on his first trip to Japan about twenty years ago. He didn’t wear it anymore but it was too sentimental to just pass on to charity.

Heading to a Balance class after a hard day I asked my partner if after the kids had had their bath could he use my camera and get a snap of them all matchy matchy for this blog. I imagined a cute picture of them all lined up in their PJs. Sweet I thought. No worries said he.

my matchy mis-matchy mob

This is the best of the lot. Clearly they’re fresh out of the bath – I didn’t make it explicit that it would be good to brush their hair before taking a picture. I also neglected to mention taking the photo in such a way to cut out the chaotic mess of the kitchen after dinner time!

my matchy mis-matchy mob (2)

He took perhaps fifty or more shots. Lots of very funny poses – lots and lots of photos of our children as they are. Loud, wrestling, constantly moving kiddos.

my matchy mis-matchy mob - keeping it real. This is as they are!

The blue bits of ribbon in the boys shorts and the pink fairy ribbon in Ms. M’s pants wasn’t a clear enough indication of who was who’s. Ms. M wears her older brother’s shorts and vice versa. They’re a funny lot. Sometime I wonder how they manage with out me… but they do. Moreover they do it with their own style and flare. (This wrestle-style photo pose certainly ain’t my style!)

Only one or two photos of them sitting together looking at the camera with their eyes open.

This is “keeping it real” at my house.  Gosh I love them all so much. What a funny matchy mis-matchy mob we make.


  1. Lovely PJs - I love the complementary but not matchy idea. That picture is beautiful :) and quite funny :)

  2. What a great way to reuse the dressing gown! The attachment to it gets shared between all & Mr gets to enjoy seeing all the kids wearing it! Love that!
    I lvoe the pictures! Great job Mr! We didn't notice the kitchen till you mentioned it Sal! & who cares anyway! Love the pjs. You did a fantastic job! I think even if you wrote their names on them they would still end up on the wrong person at times! bwahahahaha..... it's a man thing... sorry Mr!

  3. Gorgeous! I love a bit of matchy matchy!

  4. Classic! This is exactly what happens here when I try and get a photo of all three together! Gorgeous matching pjs too!

  5. Aww I think the pictures are fantastic! Good job on the PJs too. The top one os hilarious - what a bunch of posers haha. Clearly O think it is a swimwear shoot :)

  6. what a classic! not sure where to begin? i love the poses, i love the attention to detail that only men get & i love the pj's. what a great idea to re-hash old fabric with sentimental value.

  7. He actually remembered to do it! I will give him credit! Three young children. Feed/bathed and bed! AND his wife asked for photos!!! Man of the year!!!

    1. Too true ... I'm pretty sure he cooked me dinner as well :) He is my best friend without doubt.

  8. I think these photos are just great Sally, very cute indeed. x

  9. Near impossible to get the shot where all are're right, the chaos is the true picture. Love the jarmies. xx

  10. Oh that's so hilarious! I have the same problem with the nephews. The only time I can snap a photo is when I don't tell them. If you say 'look at the camera' they go crazy!

  11. Fabulous! He sure did capture them in those photos :D


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