Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the cutest little sewing kit ever

a little parcel

This delightful  little parcel arrived in my letter box today.

This day that has not gone smoothly. A rough night. A rocky morning. Challenging children’s behaviour. Snot abounds and dirty tissues are littered everywhere. A sick and clingy babe who has found his voice. The cat weed on me. The ill babe poohed in the bath. Oh how I could go on… it seemed like the “urgh” moments were never ending.

Amongst it all though this gorgeous parcel, so sweet in its smallness, arrived.

And inside?

the cutest sewing kit ever!

The cutest sewing kit ever! A gift not just in content, but also in timing and the much needed smile it brought to my dial. Perfect. It is right at home in my every day red handbag. It will be with me where ever I shall go. So much earthy and crafty goodness.

Thankyou will all my heart Nicole.


  1. Don't you love it when sweet treasures like that arrive at just the right time?!

  2. Lovely! Sorry your day was crap! Hope today is better!

  3. Very perfect indeed. So nice to get a ray of sunshine in a tough day. That would have been very handy in my handbag when I was down south on the weekend and the button fell off the dress I was wearing to a wedding just as we were about to leave!

  4. oh that does NOT sound like an ideal day at all! bleurgh!
    glad it arrived at just the right time :D


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