Sunday, November 11, 2012


cricket shorts     cricket shorts - back pocket detail

E. has started playing cricket. He is one of the youngest in his team, and one of the smallest too. Prior to his first game I trotted off to Big W in search of some cricket shorts in his size. No luck. Off to Rebel Sports. Again no luck. Tried another Big W store. Nope. Asked Dave to try the sports store in the city near his work. Nada.

So I flicked through my collection of Ottobre magazines and decided upon “Beach Boulevard” bermudas from 3/2011. Using white cotton drill they were quick to whip up. I didn’t bother with the piping detail on the front pockets since white on white was only going to have a limited effect.  I do adore the elasticised back pocket – it creates a lovely casual/sporty feel me thinks.

One thing is for certain, making these shorts sure did take a lot less time than shopping for them.


  1. Wow you are rocking! These are great! He will be the best dressed cricketer around! Go E!

  2. Hello Sally,

    Oh you clever Mum, it is amazing how much energy was spent looking for the pants. I bet this pattern will be used again.
    Happy cricketing days to your little cricketer.

  3. Those are the cutest and best and most stylish Cricket whites I've ever seen. And I bet he looks a picture in them!

  4. i agree, that pocket on the back is a fab touch! :)sarah

  5. Oh they are super awesome and that back pocket..perfect!


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