Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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amsterdamproblem sleeve

Amsterdam by Ian McEwan is my next text for book club. I know nothing about it. I’ve not even flipped it over to read the back cover. Even though our book club won’t meet for another couple of weeks I’m going to get started on it tonight because this morning I got a bee in my bonnet that I must read Anna Karenina again. I must. Really I must. I do, however, always feel a little guilty when I re-read an already re-read text. Heavy is the thought that there are only limited reading hours and effectively limitless texts to read.

I’m still knitting a jacket for baby O. I’ve finished both the left and right fronts now and last night made a start on a sleeve. I cast on three times before I got all the way past the ribbing. One mistake or another led me to unravel my work. It really was that kind of day. Then, more than a few centimetres into the stocking stitch I released that I had misread the pattern and it needed to be unravelled again.


I didn’t have the heart to do it just before going to sleep. So I set it aside and frogged it today. (I just love that word “frogged”. I feel like a real knitter now that I’m getting my head around some of the lingo.)

frogged formerly a problem sleeve

I’ll cast on again tonight… and this time I am really really really going to concentrate. Me thinks it won’t really matter if I do or don’t though. Yesterday was hard going and today has been a breeze.

Have you read Amsterdam? Did you enjoy it?
What texts do you like to read over and over? Or are you a once is enough type?
Done any frogging lately?

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  1. Look at you go, a cardigan! That is accomplished knitting! Are you using double points or circular or just normal needles? I still haven't learnt anything about double points or circular.

    Haven't read the book either, but I am the queen of rereading. I don;t think you need to feel guilty, I get something new from a book each time I read it whether it is in bits I missed because I read too quick or in realising the importance of earlier bits now that you have read the later.

  2. OH The cardigan is looking brilliant. Your knitting is perfect.
    Yep, it's been an unravelling sort of day here, though more an unpicking day on my end, and unravelling too, with me being an idiot and forgetting to write down a pattern the last time I did it.

  3. I haven't read Amsterdam but I've made that jacket a few times ( a long time ago, pre Ravelry!!!) Good luck xx

  4. Oh, frogging, been there more times than I care to admit. I haven't read Amsterdam, but will have to take a peak.

  5. Oh, Anna Karenina...once was enough for me, I think. Are you rereading for the movie?

  6. Oh that blue is lovely. I have never read Anna Karenina, but have always wanted to. I am thinking I need to make a list of books I want to read over the next year. Possibly a New Years resolution type thing.

    I have reread so many books! We watch the same movies over and over, why not books! Persuassion by Jane Austen is one that pops into my head and Jane Eyre. I have been wanting to reread Wuthering Heights as well.

  7. I think every knitter has had to frog more things than they wanted to - I know I have. Good luck with the jacket!

  8. Oh I love it! Yes frogging is regular! As annoying as it is we all do it! Still love that colour!

  9. Its a gorgeous colour! I haven't read either of those books, Anna Karenina sat by my bed for about 6months before I gave it back to mum, it was just so big I knew I would spend far too much time reading it! lol

  10. You did brilliantly knitting all that on such a challenging day! I hope your day is far better today and you get to have some peace and quiet to read as well.

  11. I really want to knit myself a cardigan. All the garments I have knit myself I have never ended up wearing. I have a pattern and yarn waiting to be made. If I start it now then I will probably have a chance it's finished by winter ;-)

  12. I haven't read it but I'm feeling the call to read Anna Karenina again myself! This is the second post I've read this morning where it's mentioned ;) Gorgeous little jacket - the colour is pure sky, don't you think? I'm all at sea about what frogging means actually (non-knitter alert!)... is that a special word for unravelling? Hope it comes together the second time for you :) Kx

  13. good luck with the jacket! i think with every frogging comes a bit of learning. happy knitting and reading.

  14. I read a lot of books more than once. If I think I will want to read it again and again it ends up on my bookshelf. A lot of books are 'once is enough', I use the library a lot more than I used to :)

    I listened to a Ted Talk recently, I wish I could remember which one it was; the speaker said anyone who read a book more than once was boring! Try something new he said. Fair enough, but some books are better than that.

    I have not knit is so long. I miss it!

  15. Look at you with all your proper knitting terms! Love the gorgeous colour of the wool.


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