Monday, December 17, 2012

busy busy busy

The past week and a bit has been hectic. Oh my! So much to do, so little time to stop. breathe. reflect. blog. It has just been go, go, go.

There has been special Secret Santa making for a very lovely purple loving colleague at work.

a purple striped scarf purple crocheted flowers a purple snowflake

I knitted a purple scarf, in simple wonky garter stitch, in three days!!! I was a knitting maniac! I crocheted some purple flowers and hooked a purple snowflake too. In my making frenzy it must be said that I was cursing the organisers for not providing very much time for those people who wish to make their gifts!!! It was all worth it though, because I just loving giving things that I know people are really going to love. And she did. The recipient was overwhelmed and it made my heart (in secret) swell with pride and joy.

After the secret Santa making it was time to finish off (and start) some birthday making for my darling and very precious Ms. M.

Ms. M. loves Spot

Ms. M. loves Spot. Knowing that she was a tad envious of her older brother who has a library bag for school it was a real thrill to make this bag for her. I was also stoked when I found the title “Spot Goes To School” at a local book shop because after these coming holidays Ms. M will be starting kindy. She is so very focussed at the moment on making sure she will be ready, practising her independent behaviours as best she can.

cup cake makingbirthday cake making

In the past week there has been cup cake making for family day care, birthday cake making for her special day, and mini-cup cake making for long day care.

Throw into the mix a little bit of (last minute) pink stitching to make my beautiful girl a softie for her special day. (Note to self: do start earlier next year – say September!)

with her new softie

More recent making has included gingerbread man baking and then early morning decorating and afternoon Christmas tree pizza creating. There was the wise decision en route to collect E. from school this afternoon, after a very unproductive day with a very clingy O., not to hand make the teachers gifts tonight, instead driving through a passing bottle-o and buying bottles of wine.

PC178257 PC178327

Oh yeah and there has been making for a special new baby too.

for kara collage

I’m not so sure what my life-long friend and childhood neighbour will think of the handmade gifts for her baby daughter. I explained in the card that whilst they were wonky and imperfect I had put love in every stitch and as I made dreamt of her most wonderful future. I do so hope she likes them, but I also worry that perhaps she’ll think I’m being “cheap” by making gifts rather than buying them.


So there you have it. Busy busy busy. The last week has also included the school Carols by Candelight event, end of year night time cricket event and a twenty four hour bug for E. which left me three couch covers, two doonas, and lots and lots of towels and sheets to wash.

I almost forgot to tell you that on the 15.12.12 the tooth fairy made his/her very first visit to our home. “Best day of [E’s] life”. His tooth fell out as we were driving down Hepburn Avenue and he, Ms. M and I were all screaming for joy in the car. It was a magical and thrilling moment indeed. …and then I burst into tears. My baby boy is starting to lose the last remnants of his baby-hood.

In the coming week I’m hoping to make two more baby outfits, as there is an apparent baby boom at my work and then I’ll be starting the Christmas making. Yep. Starting the Christmas making for my little tribe… but if I don’t finish it I’m not going to be hard on myself. Nope. If I don’t make the deadline then they can help me finish off on Boxing Day while we watch the cricket on the tele and generally relax. I’d rather they remembered a Mama who was late than a Mama who was stressed out tired and grumpy!!!

So how you doing at this silly time of year? Keeping your head above water?


  1. IT's all lovely! Well done! Great effort! Happy Birthday Miss M.
    & don't blame you for the tears... Right now I get all that... :-)

  2. WOW...great work with everything - I love the cake and the softie!! And the baby have been very busy!!

  3. Oh god! I can't believe how much you got done... and still managed to make it to Brown Owls! I bow down to you m'lady :)

  4. OMGsh! My head was spinning with all your doings! Dont forget to breath!

  5. I think that handmade gifts are the best even if they are a bit wonky. I'm sure your neighbour and friend will feel the same. Have a Merry Christmas!

    PS: I'm hosting my last giveaway for the year! It's an ecostore store gift pack valued at $100, hope you enter here:

  6. I think like you I do my best work under pressure of have done so much and hopefully you have a peaceful and relaxing few days ahead of you. xx

  7. You are seriously an inspiration to time management! The scarf turned out lovely and look at those amazing presents for your old friend's new little one, I'm sure she will very much appreciate the love you put into them and they really don't look wonky at all!

  8. Hello there and happy new year. I'm sorry I haven't been around to say hi in a while. I hope all of you are well and enjoyed Christmas and enjoyed seeing in the new year, may this year be a great one for all of you. Love those birthday cupcakes, they look mighty tasty. xx

  9. Hi Sally ... haven't heard from you in a while .. hope everything is OK with you and your family.


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