Saturday, December 1, 2012

first day of summer

Awake at the crack of dawn, the sun’s warm summer rays beam through our eastern bedroom window. If it wasn’t for the little people in my bed I would no doubt sleep on, but the body slams to the face and body make this tricky.

The day started ordinarily enough. The strong gusty winds have passed on so the days first job was to get on a load of laundry.

a picture of Santa who has lost his hat in the wind

E. and his father headed off to cricket before eight. Prior to their departure E. had protested that he didn’t want to play cricket anymore, there were tears and angry proclamations that he wanted to quit. It is parenting moments like these that I find so challenging. My heart screams “Quit! Don’t go. Stay home with me and we’ll cuddle”. Thankfully his father is stronger and wiser, explaining the importance of commitment to team mates, persistence and having fun.

While we waited for the load of washing to finish I managed to sew a few seams and trim a few edges in the grey room. Ms. M and baby O. sat on the floor sorting buttons. Well M. sorted buttons and O. tipped them out much to his older sister’s frustration. M. handles the situation well, she isn’t quick to get angry and she tries to teach him about sharing, tries to distract him and then eventually just lets him get his own way.

After hanging out the laundry and getting another load on we headed on to watch E. play cricket (and to pick up a take-away coffee from the back of a van at the ground). Just as we got the coffees the boys approached us, the game already over. They were all smiles. E. had won an award and had hit his first ever “4”. Such a thrill, and a mighty relief too. The antics from earlier in the morning now ancient history.

strawberry smoothies

To celebrate his success E. made the family strawberry smoothies, with fancy glasses and bendy straws. The kids also cracked open their first chocolates from the cheap and uber-commercial advent calendars that I bought on a whim. This is the first year we’ve had advent calendars, and despite the nasty cheap chocolate were a big thrill. Ms. M impressed me with her numeracy skills – identifying most of the numbers on her calendar.

After lunch I sneaked back into the grey room to finish off a summer frock for Ms. M. …

a finished dress

… and then it was time for a quick rest and a bit of crochet.


Finally I’m “unstuck”, the brain freeze over. It took me so much mucking around to eventually figure it out, and when I eventually did it was certainly a d’oh moment.

at the Astor

In the afternoon the family rocked, rolled and roared with Justine Clark.  We all had so much fun. Ms. M danced the entire concert, well those moments when she wasn’t completely star-struck. Her little brother was right up front with all the big kids stomping and dancing too, as was her older brother after he warmed up a bit.

everybody roar

Check out Justine’s dress. Isn’t it fabulous? This still photo really doesn’t do it justice. It was amazing.

After the show we headed out for pizza and pasta for dinner and much anticipated ice cream. I’ve been telling the kids that they can’t have ice cream until summer for months now. Dave had pistachio, E. & O. shared choc-chip (because E. was busy making friends and playing with other children in the restaurant) M. had chocolate and I had ferrero. Delicious. A wonderful way to celebrate summer’s long awaited arrival.

December has started well.


  1. I remember little people in my bed, but now they,re not there, I still can't seem to sleep in anymore. Happy summertime.

  2. What a full day!
    We have those crying fits about not wanting to swim. I understand!
    Congrats to E on his award for his cricket! A 4 is fabulous! Three cheers for E!
    Love the smoothies!
    Justine's dress looks awesome! Glad they had a fab time there!
    & M's dress looks even better! You have done a great job on that! It's so pretty!
    Ferrero icecream! Yum!
    & you got the crochet round! Yay! Isn't it weird how your head just doesn't get it & then suddenly it does! Love your square! It's terrific!

  3. wow what a productive day!
    we bought the lego advent calendar, where each day presents a new lego to build. by the end it creates a scene. master X has been nagging me for about a month now as to when he could open it. much to his relief, it's all started!
    love the 2 dresses....miss M & justines!

  4. Justine's dress is fantastic..but I love the one you made Miss M as well! I found a 'hello kitty' advent calendar this year and bought it for my grown up daughter in law who loves 'hello kitty'...still.

  5. That drawing is super cute! As is the new dress. It does sound like December has started well. Here's to a wonderful month. xx

  6. What a wonderful first day of Summer! A very busy one too but it sounds like so much fun. Love M's new dress (a birthday present?) and well done on figuring out those confusing instructions for the crochet square! It made me think of your white one you are making for your bed, how is that coming along? Or is it finished and I just missed it?

  7. It sounds like a wonderful start to your December, productive and a whole lot of fun. xx

  8. that is an amazing dress she has, how about you make a replica ;) and I absolutely love the dress you made for M and the birthday dress up the top too! You still inspire me Sal my friend, I just wish I had room to put the inspiration to work... however I am working on that. Painting and soon wallpapering will be done (hopefully by the new year) and then, maybe then I can unpack the sewing machines ;D


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