Sunday, December 2, 2012

how does my garden grow?

Frankly it has seen better starts to the summer, but it isn’t all bad. Sure the lawn is patchy and brown, weeds abound and the orange tree is infested with aphids, yet there are glimpses of beauty and productivity.

blooming at the end of 2012

The lavender is thriving and the scent of the gardenias is heavenly. Gardenias, oh how I love them, leaning into their blooms and inhaling deeply. One of the greatest pleasures of my garden. The hydrangeas are still pink, I’ve given up on them ever being blue.


The brown frangipani stumps are now sprouting leaves – a certain sign that summer is here. Not long until these beautiful fragrant flowers bloom too.


Artichokes continue to grow, and this plant in many ways is like a dear friend. Neglect it I may and it still just keeps giving.

tomatoes lemons grape vine

The tomatoes Ms. M and I planted are growing, almost ready to be tied to stakes. There are lots of tomato plants sprouting up around the compost bin too. They’re already fruiting. Have you ever noticed that tomato plants that just pop up and are neglected tend to thrive whilst those that are planted and tended to don’t do as well in comparison? I wonder if there is a metaphor for something in that.

The small lemon tree is burdened with green fruit. This morning I cut most of them off so that the plant could stand tall again. I wonder, will they ripen yellow now that they’re off the plant? Time will tell I guess. The plant has remained small for a couple of years now. I remember when I bought the plant the lady exclaimed how it would be taller than E. in a couple of years… but frankly that hasn’t happened.

This autumn just past I planted a grape vine. Dave was doubtful that it would survive the winter, but I had faith. I just knew that come spring its sticky frame would sprout green lush leaves. It has not disappointed. Almost on cue it burst into life, shot up a bit … and then it has just stopped. It is still green and certainly living but for one reason or another it seems to be stubbornly refusing to grow any taller. I have grand plans and expectations of it growing over an arched trellis. At this rate it will be decades!

olives spider web water droplets on jasmine leaves

The olive plants are standing tall and now conceal our neighbours roof. A much nicer outlook from our kitchen and family room. My ambivalent relationship with spiders continues. I love most of them, their webs catch flies and bees and other creatures… but those nasty red back spiders that persist in nesting in children’s toys make me cranky.

bolted lettuce

We’ve let the lettuce bolt again. Loving the way that it and the coriander come to seed and then just grow new plants all over again without us doing a thing. More friends in the garden. 

So how does your garden grow? Who are your friends in the garden?


  1. I have a self sown tomato that is growing way better than any I've planted so far too. Must be a thing for sure! We lost two branches off our apricot tree in the storm :( It is now lots of up and hardly any out. So sad. Apart from that, my weeds are way more abound than yours, believe me!

  2. You can't kill tomatoes can you! lol
    Great job! Yours is looking fabulous!

  3. Great tour of your beautiful garden...we have been neglecting ours over some inside renos...must find the time to spruce it up before Christmas. xx

  4. So many wonderful things going on and getting going in your beautiful garden. Unfortunately, i have no such excitement, my courtyard is basically pure shade xo

  5. Love the photo of the artichoke!


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