Sunday, December 2, 2012

i for me, less is more


After returning to work following baby O’s birth I decided that it was time to treat myself to a little something. I’ve been wanting an iPod for sometime, not long after I inherited Dave’s iPod Nano and realised just how good it was to have so much music on something so small.

iPod (2)

It’s fabulous! Slowly slowly I’ve been moving my music collection from CD to the iPod. The aim is to eventually have no CDs stored under my bed. Just the idea makes me feel lighter. I find lots of possession weighty, like an anchor.

iPod (3)

Mostly I’m a less is more kinda person. Smaller size is less storage, and yet more music and more podcasts. There is just so much to love. One of my favourite reasons for going to work is sitting at my desk, headset on listening to my tunes.
chillaxing listening to tunes

I love sitting out in the garden chillaxing listening to music too. Better still with some crochet or some knitting. A dose of vitamin D for the bones and a vibrant blue sky to uplift the soul. Really – does life get better than that?

One of the few draw backs of transferring my music collection to iPod is the covers. Sure you can store the artwork on the iPod itself but people can’t write messages – and that is a bit of a loss. I’m a fan of people writing messages, on CD sleeves or on the inside cover of a book. That’s what can turn something ordinary into something really really special.

with love from Dad

What about you?
Are you transferring your music to MP3s or similar?
Or perhaps your still hanging on to your LPs and CDs?
Do you listen to podcasts? What’s your favourite?
Are you a fan of written messages on CD sleeves or in the covers of books?

Thinking about a significant spend in 2012 and joining in with #reverb12


  1. I love the idea of you being able to sit at work with your music playing....such a little thing but obviously makes a big difference. I have meditation tapes on mine and just can get myself organised enough to put other stuff on there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stopping by from reverb2012 - congrats on your purchase! I've pretty much abandoned my iPod for my iPhone - I listen to my music and podcasts on it- I'm obsessed with podcasts! I listen to This Week in Photo, The New York Times Book Review, Books on the Nightstand, The Digishow, Paperclipping, Ready Set Knit and Adventures in Arting to name a few. I've never had anyone write a message on a CD sleeve - I would be sad to say goodbye to that if that were the nature of my collection.

  3. wow, you get to listen at work! That is cool! Love your ipod!
    I am pod free... don't have one. Hubby has an mp3 player & uses it ALL the time. I don't feel I need one right now. I feel like I will separate myself from everyone too much. I need to be able to hear boys yelling at me!
    Music? We have cd collection & LP collection. Loads... really really big load! Stu collects music. I love album covers. I couldn't part with them for no album as the record covers are classic! I would love to frame a bunch for the walls that is how cool I think they are! Sign covers? Couldn't part with them at all. Too personal. Love yours!

  4. I'm a bit in love with my iPod Toutouch and the volume of music it can hold. I listen to a lot of digital radio through it, too, which is great because I get to hear new (to me) music.

    But there is something wonderful about an LP... nostalgia probably.

  5. I still buy CD's. There's nothing better than knowing that you have a tangible copy of the music. Of course, I then convert them to digital and add them to my iPod.
    I can't get into podcasts. I love music too much, so I'd always choose music over talking.

  6. I still buy CD's, cassettes and vinyl records - well i do like vintage and retro!!!
    The cover or inside sleeve is a big part of the music to me - I love that you got an Iris DeMent album for your 21st - I hadn't listened to her in years so I have just spent some time listening/wathcing her on YouTube. Thanks

  7. I was never a big CD buyer but messages in books are special! Perhaps you should bind your CD covers into a little book to keep all the messages?

    I wish I had your attitude to 'stuff'. I have too much of it (particularly in the craft room) and I am so hopeless at keeping it organised. My biggest downfall I think, my messiness!


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