Wednesday, December 5, 2012

yarn along

yarn along 5.12.12

The little blue jacket has been put aside this week. I’ve been spending sometime with my sewing machine and so have wanted some ‘no thought required' yarny distractions.

On the needles I’ve started knitting a very plain woolly garter stitch scarf. I’m in no rush to complete this project, with summer only just starting I won’t need any extra help keeping warm! This project is all about having something easy to turn too when I’m otherwise overwhelmed or exhausted.

On the hook is some cotton being transformed into some secret Santa goodness. Can you guess what I’m making?

And in the post today? This Patons Woolcraft booklet that used to belong to my Nan. Her name is written on the front cover. I wonder why she wrote her name on it? Perhaps she used to lend it to friends. I’m not sure when the booklet was published but it must have been sometime ago. It is filled with instructions on how to knit and crochet and different kinds of stitches. There is also a pattern for a v-neck jumper that I think is the one Nan knitted me when I was a teenager. I’d like to have a go at making one, although perhaps in a larger size these twenty-five  years and three babies later.

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. How nice to have something like that which belonged to your gran. I love coming across those kinds of things.
    Good luck with the V-Neck.

  2. The beginnings of some serious crafty goodness here.
    I love that you're going to make yourself the same jumper that your gran made you.

  3. I rate that book. I got mine from my grandmother too and yes she has her name on it as well. People didn't spend freely back in the day like we do and I think there was a lot more lending and sharing, especially through and after the war years. We forget how long it took to get back to "normal" after the war.

  4. Yes, good idea to have mindless stuff to turn too! It looks great. No idea what your crochet secret is. Looks awesome though. Interesting mag. Enjoy!

  5. You look like me with a couple of projects on the go at once! I am a shocker. My sewing desk has 5 things waiting to be finished on it at the moment and I need to start something else to finish before Christmas.

  6. What a fantastic little book! My grandmother passed down some amazing old patterns to me a year or so ago - some of them from the mid-1940s, going all the way up to the 1980s. I haven't knit from them yet, but I'm hoping to next year. xo


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