Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the daily mug

the daily mug

This is my current daily mug. It’s from k-mart. Not fancy or pretty in the least. It is all scratched up now too. The inside is kept clinically clean… I can’t handle tannin build-up in my mugs, it spoils the taste of the tea. I do love the shade of green. My first two children had pea-pod green nurseries, so in that regard this little part of my day reminds me of precious moments past. Thinking about it now I am a little disappointed that this mug is no longer with us. The pieces are in the shed and with any luck will one day be incorporated into a mosaic.

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gingerbread people

ginger bread people

The boy is studying fairy tales at school. This week he has learnt about The Gingerbread Man. I can’t say I am familiar with the tale at all so I don’t suppose I’ve been very engaging when he has discussed the story tale’s (in his words) plot and themes. So when he came home yesterday and wanted to make gingerbread I was all for it… okay okay that is total bollocks – I was knackered and strung out with a misbehaving middle child and an over tired baby but nonetheless I said “Yes” because this is something I try very hard to do (with mixed success). I am so glad that I did – we all had a wonderful time measuring the ingredients, following the recipe, taking turns, being safe and while there was a mass exodus of the kitchen when it was time to clean up they did have the good grace not to fight and misbehave so I didn’t mind getting on with it on my own.

ginger bread moose

We made gingerbread moose too! Just because we could. Both gingerbread people and moose were decorated with happy and sad faces as I tried to engage my children in conversation about feelings. At times I hold concerns about my children’s emotional intelligence so every so often I like to be proactive in discussion. There are times in this parenting gig where the mister and I feel like we’re doing really well… and other times when we have stacks of parenting books on our bedside tables that are frantically being flicked through in a desperate search for answers. I digress.

hanging for some yummy treats

The recipe is a good one. Not too complicated and makes a good quantity without being totally ridiculous.

… and in order to keep perceptions balanced – baked beans straight from the tin and frozen veg zapped in the microwave were served to the children for their dinner. No complaints registered … they were of course hoping that if it was all polished off there’d be more gingerbread on offer for dessert.

the first flare skirt

the finished skirt

In 2012 I’m endeavouring to make something for myself every month. Last month I whipped up some much needed pyjama pants and now for February I’ve made myself a skirt.

Since becoming a Mama I have pretty much lived in denim jeans. They’re comfy and well suited to the lifestyle of a mama at the playground and playing on the floor. Easy to wash and wear too. A winner. Even so I have been wanting to expand my wardrobe options a bit further – hence a new skirt.

Stylish skirts bookflare skirt

I drafted the flare skirt pattern from Stylish Skirts (also known as Flirt Skirts) that I borrowed from my local library. It was pretty obvious that something had gone quite awry in the drafting process when it came to hemming the skirt – the back was so much longer than the front in the centre of the back and shorter than the front at the side seams. Nothing that a good chop across the length couldn’t fix though. Prior to hand sewing the hem I modelled the skirt at last weekend’s Sewing Guild meeting and had lots of keen eyes check for correct length and evenness. I trust my sewing pals so much more than my partner when it comes to such matters.

I made the skirt using material bought from a local oppy. It was a bargain. The most expensive part of this skirt was the invisible zip. Now that I have made this skirt once I’ve worked through my pattern drafting issues and I’m ready to churn out some more… eventually. I want to have a go making the a-line skirt next.

the finished skirt (2)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

lots a living and a loving

By geez! How is it that I made it through the first five years of E.’s life thinking that I’d have more time once he was in school? What the? This five days a week at school gig is exhausting … for me! Getting three smalls ready and into the car for drop off in the morning and then back again in the afternoon for pickup having had a proper nap is way tricker than I had ever anticipated. I’m not loving living by the school’s schedule. It is actually completely doing my head in. Who knew it was going to be such an effort? Such a struggle? So at odds with my personality and way of life? Mmmm… okay perhaps I should have seen it coming – but I didn’t so the mister and I are undertaking constant reflection on how we can do things better. The only way is up. This past week we forgot to pack the library bag & book for library day, were late arriving to school on assembly day and neglected to remind child to submit his communication diary. *exhale*

Still there has been a lot of living and loving in these parts this past week. Hence complete and utter blog neglect.

On Sunday I went to Brown Owls which I always enjoy. So nice to hang with crafty types. Then on Sunday night I  went out with my man to see our first gig sans children since, well since having children! We saw Cornershop who were performing as part of the Perth Festival.  It was brilliant! We were a little disappointed that they didn’t perform much material from their latest album but we still had a delightful evening. And it really was delightful. A balmy evening in the city on our own. So so so good. So good in fact that the mister was even in the mood to dance with me. YAY! Fun times.

festival gardenscornershop on stageduckie love

Monday was a bit of a right-off. It was hot. We’d been out the night before. There was a pleasant tiredness and slowness about the day.

Tuesday the mister and I celebrated fifteen years together with a take away Indian meal after a hectic day of appointments and errands. Life doesn’t stop for love.

I gifted the love of my life a super duper bike that I found at the recent verge collection. I had been wondering what on earth to get my man – the more I know him the harder it is – and then BOOM this bike almost jumped out at me from the side of the road. It is perfect. He’d been talking about how much he loved bikes with this older style of handle bar and how he’d like to ride again. It was as if it was meant to be… just like us. Better still it was free – someone else’s trash was our treasure. My mister loves a good bargain, I might even be known to call him cheap, so this made the gift utterly perfect in his eyes. There was some loved stitched graffiti on a pillow slip too!

perfect anniversay gift ever

love stitching

Wednesday we visited friends for play dates and Thursday we babysat a friend. Thursday night was a parent-teacher meeting at the school. There wasn’t time to draw a breath … I just kept going and going.

6 mths

Baby O reached six months on Thursday. I can’t believe it. Six months! I’ll write more about that soon. So much to reflect on. Not long ago I read a tweet to the effect that parenthood is the ultimate state of ambivalence. So true.

Friday was a rough day for Ms. M and Baby O. All the running around plus our new drop off/pick up schedule which has impacted on their nap times meant that by Friday afternoon they were both having major meltdowns. I had a splitting headache too. Still I managed to drag myself out for dinner with friends from my original mother’s group, albeit I was running rather late. I had a brilliant time and I’m so glad that I pushed myself to go. It was so tempting to pike and just collapse on the bed.

Today I’ve been at my sewing guild meeting… and now? Well now I am finally lounging on my bed with my feet up resting. *exhale*

And there you have it. My hectic week – filled to the brim with lots of living and loving.

What about your week? Was it actioned packed too?

Friday, February 17, 2012

this moment

eating his feet

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Playing along with soule mama.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

little wonky stitches

little wonky stitcheslittle wonky stitches (2)little wonky stitches (3)

Little wonky stitches made today. They’ll form part of the little something that I am making for myself in February, a project that I have wanted to make for sometime now but always put off in order to make for others. Today has been wonky too – crooked, off-centre and askew. The littlest amongst us is unwell and unsettled. His gums are hurting and he is sniffley and uncharacteristically grumpy. It hurts my heart when his cries reveal his pain. Eventually he managed to catch some sleep in the middle of the day, the rest was much needed by he and I both.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

vegetarian paella :: quick, easy and loved by all

vegetarian paella

Need a quick and easy recipe that everyone in the family will enjoy?

Summer is the perfect time for vegetarian paella. The girl ain’t keen on the olives but that’s more than fine with her brother and I who happily take her share.

on the wall

pictures from vietnam

A recent addition to the “big” smalls’ room are these framed hand painted pictures that I bought in Vietnam at the turn of the century.  The blue one is my favourite. I find its whimsy enchanting.

E on the wall       E. completed this life-size self portrait of himself at the start of kindy last year. It came home with him at the end of the school year and now lives on the wall in their room too. I adore it. So much colour and real scale. Precious.

Things are coming along from way back when, there are also handprints on a wall, footprints on a wall and even printed photos on a wall… nevertheless there are still plenty of blank walls.

What do you have hanging on  your wall?

… and a big hooray and thanks to Vic -  I’m going to miss hanging out at your place.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a button heart

button heart t-shirt

button heart

on valentines dayA button heart for my girl on Valentine’s day.  Finally finished the pink cord pants I started sewing just before Christmas too.  All I had to do was put the elastic in the waist. I’m not sure what it is about finishing projects but I can get so close to the end and just stop. Strange. I’m clueless about what this means. Perhaps it is fear of rejection? Fear of failure? I’m guessing that I am afraid of something.

Ms. M looked super sweet today. We had lots of fun at the splash pad in the morning and then a great big round trip walk picking up her older brother from school in the afternoon, popping in at the library and shops before heading home via a park.

We’ve got a quieter day planned for tomorrow.

Monday, February 13, 2012


all fixed

I made and gifted this doll to a sweet wee friend last year when she turned four. I was so thrilled to be recently asked to repair her… she has clearly been much loved. Not stuck on the shelf at all. What a thrill.

needing repairmuch loveda sorry sight

She’s all better now. All mended and ready to play again, sent on her merry way with a new outfit too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

to blog

why blog brainstorm

There are times when I question why I blog. Just over a week ago my blog disappeared. It just upped and vanished. I managed to get it back. I just clicked and clicked not really knowing what I was doing or where my clicking was heading and eventually the powers that be restored my blog.

It was a strange thing. I was a little upset but not as much as I had thought I would be. I’d imagined that I would be very distraught. My blog is a record of how I have travelled, how I have developed, my changing interests and my growing children. I had always considered that my blog would just always be. That as a published online document it is there for me at anytime and anyplace. One of the reasons I have persisted to blog is that it is a virtual record of little aspects of my life. As I observe from afar people afflicted by fires, floods and earthquakes it occurred to me that my blog is indestructible. Other possessions, items, ephemera can be destroyed or stolen from me but not my blog. Now I know that not to be true. Yet I’m not certain that it has changed my attitudes to blogging in any significant way.

This past week I have struggled to blog. There is a new routine being formed. The children and I now travel to the local primary school twice a day five times a week. Fitting in all the chores and naps around the school dictated schedule has been challenging. I wonder if I will ever find the energy to visit all the blogs I love, find the time to write posts myself, find the energy to create things other than tomorrow’s sandwich. I wonder.

This morning I brainstormed the reasons I blog. Perhaps you can help me – why do you blog?

sunday snippets

chillaxing in the pram in the sky a single piece of glitter under her eye
shoe and wheel a break walking home from school little swimmer
first ballet lesson teething boy cutting fruit
after dinner train play happy chappy

The week that was. E’s first week of going to school for five days. Ms. M’s first ballet lesson. Baby O’s first tooth.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

lego man

…or should I say mini-figure?

lego man t-shirt

When I saw this tutorial for a min-figure shirt on Lioness Lady's blog I just new I had to make one for my boy. There was a giveaway and whilst I had my fingers and toes crossed it was someone else’s turn for lady luck to shine on them. No matter. This appliqué really was very easy to sew. Another birthday gift  for the boy – one that I did actually have ready on the day. Needless to say he loved it.

lego man applique 

the boy

I am determined to be more organised this year with my gift making so the next time I see t-shirts on sale the plan is to buy up big on size 5 & 6 and make some ready to gift. That’s the plan anyway… you’ll have to wait and see how the execution goes. But hey – best intentions are half the journey… maybe?!?!

I find it very difficult gifting to my children’s friends – the ones that I don’t know anyway. Lego man shirts I think will be universally loved by boys turning five or six.

Are you organised and have gifts pre-made ready in advance? Any good ideas or suggestions how to be ready ahead of time for birthdays?  I really do need your help!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday snippets

drawing by E. bee rattle little thinker
reflection sibling love swimmer

A collection of snaps from the week.

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