Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Perhaps the thread that I used was an omen. The A-line skirt was doomed to tough times. It wasn’t going to come together easily. Austerity would be required.

what could of been

After cutting out the wrong size and then attempting to take the side seams in I have finally come to the conclusion that in it’s current form this A-line skirt is not to be. Not now anyway. As it is, or should I write was because it is now in pieces, it was making my arse look like an oversized triangle. Fine if I was some sort of eccentric comic character with a pointy nose and my hair tightly tied in a bun… but I’m not so it wasn’t – fine that is.

in pieces

The pieces are now in a bag, stuffed in the cupboard. They will be retrieved when I’m not so made at them… because frankly I’m a little bit angry that the great vision and dreams I had for this skirt didn’t come to fruition. When I make peace the pieces will be retrieved and they will in one way or another become an A-line denim skirt. Just not now.

IMG_20120620_103112 IMG_20120620_115943 IMG_20120620_131754

The day wasn’t all destruction though. I finally tackled the washing basket for of jeans waiting to be hemmed. I have this awful habit of buying all my jeans at the same time… which means that they all tend to fall apart at the same time and there the vicious cycle continues as I trek out and buy more again. I just snapped up four pairs at the stocktake sales… but this time I have put a reminder in my phone to look for more in another twelve months to try and stagger the wearing out phase.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

sarah’s badge

Late last night I started a bit of stitchery…

saturday night stitching

… and today at Brown Owls I finished off a name badge for Sarah.

Sarah name badge

I used embroidery floss for the crocheted edging. I’m going to do this again one day. The floss is so shiny and silky looking – I’m really pleased. To make the wholes in the fabric so that I could crochet the border I used a thumb tack. It was all I could think of … it worked. I almost ran out of DMC 937 with only about six treble stitches to go… but Megan saved the day. The letters are a tad wonky – and one of the “a”s looks like an upside down “e” … and between you and me in the lateness of late Saturday night early Sunday morning I almost stitched my own name. Oops. Sarah (hebrew) and Sally (celtic) are one in the same name anyway – Sally is a derivative of Sarah and both names means princess. Just a bit of namey trivia for you there.

…and driving home from Brown Owls there was this marvellous end of day sky. A red sky delight. So much so that I couldn’t resist reaching for the camera to take a quick and very candid pic.


sunday snippets

The wet week that was…

17.6.12 sunday snippets

Doesn’t look like Tinniegirl is playing today.

Friday, June 15, 2012

this moment

a break in the weather - out for a walk

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Playing along with soule mama.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

born to knit :: the first square

born to knit the first square

The  first square for the Save The Children Born to Knit blanket has come off the needles. I’m pretty chuffed with it. The cast-on row is very inconsistent – but I’m not worried – I figure it can be disguised when the blanket is all sewn together. The tension is a bit wonky and there may very well be the odd extra or missed stitch here and there… for here and now it is my best effort. It will keep a vulnerable child warm – something that I know my own children absolutely take for granted – as they should.

the first square (2)

I’m going to make another one. Yes I sure am. I used bamboo needles for this square – maybe I’ll give the metal ones I picked up from the oppy a go. Maybe I’ll have a go at changing the colour too? Oooo… so much to learn. For me the learning is much of the fun. That sense of satisfaction that I can do it. I can! I’m chuffed. When that last stitch came off the needle I felt down right brilliant, like a real genius. There was a dance. There was running and shoving my square in the faces of family members. There was exclamations proclaiming to the world how much I loved knitting. The was indeed.

the first square (3)

You can do it too. Learn to knit – that is if you haven’t already. Why don’t you go grab yourself some 4mm needles and a ball of 8ply wool yarn too? I posted some useful links to start out with and there is this site too and there are some instructions here as well.

Perhaps you know how to knit but haven’t for some time and need to get back into the groove. Maybe you want to practise a new stitch. Come and join me and sign up to making a 20 x 20cm square in pure wool. Lets help out some children in need.

Linking up with the creative crew.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a recent purchase, a pet and an old photo

my new red bag

This is my new handbag. I bought it just last week. It was a bitter sweet purchase because up to that point my everyday bag was this sweet thing that I had won from Thouraya of Amelie and Atticus. The reality is though that it just doesn’t fit everything that I need to carry – namely the epi-pen for E. So I’ve upsized and snapped this bag up for a bargain at the DJ’s mid-year sale.

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skull-eton bones

This is Skell-eton Bones. He is E’s pet. Or maybe he is a she? Skell-eton Bones has a friend (I’m pretty sure E has named the friend Max?) that lives close by and I’m pretty certain they’ve had baby spiders. Not certain – but pretty sure. I’m no spider expert. E. loves this spider and occasionally takes food outside and has a chat. The web is just above the rosemary bushes that are regularly swarming with bees. I think E. appreciates it that his pet Skell-eton Bones captures some of those bees in his web. Nothing explicitly has been said – but I get the feeling.

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from 1979

This is a photo from 1978. I’m in it. Can you guess who?

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Ms M. looking at old photos full of questions and highly amused

And here is Ms. M going through the photos in the old photo box that lives on the top shelf of the wardrobe. She was quite amused.

three and a half

cupcakes for Ms. Ma surprise afternoon tea

Ms M. is three and a half today. I decided to surprise her with a special afternoon tea to celebrate. She has quite the sweet tooth and good appetite my girl so pink and chocolate cupcakes were always going to be an easy winner. Her birthday is so close to Christmas, at perhaps the busiest time of the year, it is difficult to just savour her at that time. The list of things to do is so long, the events are so many and in such quick succession. So this afternoon her brothers and I had an impromptu celebration of our wonderful and darling Ms. M.


So who is Ms. M at three and a half?

She is not so shy as she used to be, but at times can still be rather socially awkward. She’s a go getter… always in for a game of chasing still following her older brother and his friends around as though she were a puppy. It is sweet. She’s a champion of jumping… doesn’t matter where she is - on the ground, on a bed or on the trampoline -she just loves to jump.

She’s an observer - noticing nuances and situations that I often assume she’d be too young to grasp. She remains a big Dora the Explorer fan, Pirate Dora being one of her favourite episodes ever. If you ask her she will recount the whole movie length episode to you in great depth. She’ll explain the jokes to you too… just in case you missed them. Peppa Pig is also a great love, even on the sunniest days she’ll keep an eye out for a muddy puddle.

She is well drilled on domestic safety and has an eagle eye for the pins and needles that her mother leaves about on the floors. She is not one for quietly sticking it in a pin cushion – rather holds pin close to her mother’s face and explains the possible consequences if her younger brother should have happened to have found it. She cares for both her brothers deeply even though they both drive her crazy. She drives them both crazy too.

She loves the North Melbourne Kangaroos and was over the moon when her father recently gifted her a 2012 cap. She is very much like her father in so many ways. The two of them love to go grocery shopping.

autumn dressautumn tree and skirt

I recently made her a little cord pinafore dress and with the remaining fabric whipped her up a skirt with an applique t-shirt.  She loves pink. She loves butterflies. She love flowers. She loves it when I make her clothes. 

I love her. SO MUCH.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

were you born to knit? come learn with me and keep a child warm

The knitting bug has bit. After the success of my first project I have now managed to complete another project – my first knitted dishcloth. For the doll scarf I cast on ten stitches, deliberately making mistakes so that I could practise unravelling, un-knitting and tinking. I cast on thirty-three stitches for the dishcloth. Learning to fix mistakes is an important part of my learning process, I feel more able to go forward the better I understand how to go back. Knowing how to address mistakes means I am less afraid to make them – it’s liberating.

a knitted dishcloth

This learning to knit process gig wouldn’t have been possible without the great resources on the inter-webs. Some of my favourite online videos include:

forty four stitches cast on

Now I am taking another small step in my knitting journey and casting on forty-four stitches with the aim of knitting a square. Not just any square though. A “born to knit” square. The idea is to knit squares that will be sewn together to make a blanket for the Save The Children charity. Each blanket is made of sixteen 20x20cm knitted squares.

Are you learning to knit too? Why don’t you practice your garter stitch skills with me and knit a square? If you knit a square, or two if the bug bites, then post it to me and I’ll sew it together into a blanket for a vulnerable child and send the completed blanket to Save The Children.

To participate you’ll need to get yourself 4mm knitting needles, a ball of pure wool and cast on forty-four stitches and start clickety-clacking. If you start to lose heart you can remind yourself that a small child is depending on you to keep them warm.

So how about it?

Beginner knitters sign up below and commit to knitting a square for a vunerable child by August. That gives me time to sew them together and post them off. Sign up now and then once you’ve finished your square(s) send me an email and I’ll let you know the address to send them.

Experienced knitters you can cheer us on with lots of advice, tips and cheering from the side-lines… and if we can’t get sixteen squares cast off our needles perhaps you can throw in a square or two at the end?

Monday, June 11, 2012

miserable monday


It’s not a public holiday here. It is raining. It is cold. It is scary crazy kind of windy. It is gloomy. I started the day grumpy. Who wouldn’t?

This morning as I stacked the dishwater I sang I don’t like Mondays over and over in my head.

I had hoped to be in the Nation’s capital this past weekend, but people had said that they were coming to Perth. That this weekend was the only weekend they could come… and yet in the end they didn’t come and I didn’t get to go. When I think about it I get cross… well I did. I don’t know exactly what it was that I have done but I’ve let it go. Easily. Well, easily now.  I’m a bit chuffed about that.

The day has progressed and I am no longer in the filthy mood I woke up in. There has been lots of sweet little moments, like a drive in the rain with the man I love, a visit to the warm and cosy library with my two smallest babes, watching DVDs from inside the tent we made with blankets, reading Spot books snuggled up with Ms. M on the couch, drinking hot chocolate with E. after we picked him up from school. The uneasy “it’s all too hard” poor me thoughts have been sent on their merry way, and I now sit my heart warm with love for my family. So lucky to have them to love, so blessed to be loved by them in return.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday snippets

kids eat dinner at IKEA while I hook Ooops. Looks like I made the wrong size skirt. Poor body image or what?
Ms. M and her dadda @ Perth train station. Reflection of our car in the windows of the Horse Shoe Bridge
Lovely crocheted bag from Crafty Rie Taking in the seams of skirt... yet to try on because I am afraid that the skirt is still too big.

Linking up.

A big thank you to Marie @ CraftyRie for the awesome crochet bag. So beautiful. It will be used to store all the bits and pieces of hooky-projects I have on the go. Ms. M of course wants it for a hat… but too bad. It is all mine. Now to get organised with my pay it forward parcels… and the surprise prize for Cam – all of which when I finally get myself together will indeed be well forgotten and truly a surprise!

… and I am STILL working on May’s Skirt Sew-a-long. My sewjo comes and goes… but mostly goes…

Monday, June 4, 2012

a pretty flower

crocodile stitch flower

crocodile stitch flower (2)

I’ve finished the latest motif for the crochet along that I’ve been partaking in. This is the first time I’ve ever hooked a three dimensional motif, it was so much easier that I thought it was going to be. Easy peasy even. Why has it taken me so long to give one of these a go?

Ravelled.crocodile stitch flower (3)

Now to wait for the next motif. Back to the white while I wait. Working on a Queen Anne’s Lace square at the moment which is all curly and twisted and I wondering if it will ever lie flat. Just have to wait until I get to the end round to find out I suppose.

I spent this afternoon at Megan’s place crafting and chatting away. So so so good to have adult company. Gotta love that. I was going to get going with my quilt for baby O but I forgot the dimensions I needed to cut the fabric to. Kinda important information. Not to worry. I sewed in all the ends of the white squares I’ve already finished.

Megan’s finished some uber comfy and cosy PJ pants and planned her next project. She’s hosting a giveaway just now too… so you really should head on over to her blog to check it out. Very cute.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

well I suppose you’d call it a collection

the Queen pre-1966

It’s beautiful, yes? This stamp pre-1966 with its blue ink, fine lines, the shape of the “A”s in the font and the lovely decorative border. This stamp was made for licking, not peeling as though it were a sticker. Perhaps if you were refined or had many letters to post you’d have used a moistened sponge? When I was a child stamp licking was a prized job, like pressing the buttons in the elevator.

I voted for the republic in 1999. Symbolically it seemed appropriate especially with the impending centenary of federation in 2001. Even so I think the lady on the stamp is someone pretty special. If I had the chance to have a  meal and a good natter with any one living person then she’d have to be at the top of the list of considerations. The history she has witnessed, the people she has met, the confidences she has kept… what a pity she doesn’t seem like the gossiping type.

a brown casegrandfather's name and address

In this brown case, with my grandfather’s name and address there are many more stamps with her image. A page or two in fact.  Here are just a handful from my, well I suppose you’d call it… a collection.

Queen Elizabeth II stamps

It’s not just stamps of the queen that live in the brown case. I just thought it would be nice to share these with you first as it is her diamond jubilee this weekend and all. Each little stamp reflects a piece of history, an artefact from its time, or perhaps a commemoration of an event or person.

Here are some of, but not all, my favourites…

centenary of federation first issue (2)PNG Diana Envelopetriangle stampsSteven Bradbury Gold Medal japan has the cutest stampsaussie characters

There are just so many fabulous stamps from all over the world. I’ve been “collecting” stamps since childhood…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         page from childhood stamp album

… but I don’t think “proper” collectors stick their stamps into albums with clag glue!

So with this in mind you can imagine just how thrilled and excited I was when this packaged arrived at my door.

addressed to me

… and inside…

1. a belt2. a stamp belt3. stunning

belt heaven!

I was fortunate enough to win this stunningly gorgeous and exceptionally fine crafted leather postage belt from the very kind Emma of Emerge Design. I am so thrilled. I have never in my life owned such a beautifully made belt. Brilliant. Thank you so much Emma!