Monday, October 29, 2012

elephants and stripes

an elephant hatan elepant hat the other way
A hat for baby O.  Elephants on one side and stripes on the other. Two appliquéd tees to go with. This boy loves to play outside. Running sand through his fingers or rolling and chasing a ball two of his favourite outdoor past times.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

sewing for me

sewing for me

After a winter hiatus I’m back at the sewing machine. In desperate need of some summer tops I made this tunic using a voile that I picked up at spotty. Earlier in the year I had pinned a tunic in a similar (but not identical) fabric so I was thrilled with this fabric find. *sigh* BUT I messed up the sizing. This top is too large for me across the shoulders, so whilst I was thrilled with this tunic on the coat hanger it wasn’t really working for me when I was wearing it. I’m a bit past the slipping off the shoulder look, especially wearing maternity bras! No matter. There is a colleague at work who is expecting a baby in the summer and this top will be comfy and easy to feed in so I have already passed it on to her. I am still in need of some tops… so with any luck I’ll be back to the sewing machine soon.


1. morning2. morning3. morning4. morning5. morning6. morning7. morning8. morning9. morning

The other day I did get my butt into gear – jumped in the shower and then bolted out the door to enjoy the morning. I’m so glad I did. A shower on my own. Brilliant. The golden colours of the sun rising. Heart warming. The bird songs. Joyful. The cold fresh air and stillness – just what I needed. I wandered. Meandered. Breathed in deeply. Watched. Listened. Enjoyed.

Some observations about the morning that I am usually too fast asleep to know… the birds start singing outside my bedroom window at four thirty a.m. and the street lights switch off at quarter past five.

Friday, October 26, 2012

out of sync

It’s 0322hrs and I’m awake. I’ve been falling asleep early these days. Unable to keep my head from falling on the pillow, my eyes heavy and ready for sleep. There is no daylight savings here. No extra hour at the end of the day, instead at five in the morning it is full light. The day has well and truly begun. Like roosters the children are often awake before then, somehow sensing that ‘crack of dawn’ moment despite the darkness of their bedroom. I’m a night owl. An anti morning kinda gal. The kind of person that hits the snooze button a zillion times and still has to be dragged from the bed, perched on a stool and fed strong coffee before shedding the cranky pants. It is unnatural, unheard of even, for me to be awake at this time of day of my own accord. I’m all out of sync. I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

The days are fleeting by. There has been more illness. My partner’s turn this time around. He created a ‘special’ childhood/family memory this week. I can hear the tale years from now already. “Remember the time when we were driving down the freeway at 100ks and Dada stuck his head out the window and vomited and how the vomit splashed back all over M’s window?” A truly gross and yet absolutely hilarious moment. Poor guy. Nothing worse than feeling crook in the guts – and probably not nice having your entire family laughing at you as you have your head stuck out he window like a large dog hurling up all the contents within. I’m thankful for it though. I haven’t had such a loud and raucous laugh in a while. The kind of laugh that just goes on and on and comes from somewhere very deep within. A laugh that tickles every fibre of your being. It felt good.

I’m struggling to keep track of what day it is. I missed Brown Owls last weekend because frankly on Sunday I didn’t realise it was Sunday! We almost missed watching E.’s school swimming lessons on Tuesday due to a comedy of errors – but we made it there in time… and the beaming smile on his face was totally worth it. The entire family was there to watch him – waving to him and giving him the big thumbs up whenever we caught his eye.

We were late to Ms. M’s ballet lesson because I missed the turn off and had to drive the long way around to back track. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for her. Stressed out in the car at the thought of being late, then elated when she thought she was actually the first person there (because she hadn’t realised that everyone else had gone into class) and then shy when we went in late and reluctant to then join in. She did though, eventually – after catching a chronic case of the sillies! I’m so proud of her. She certainly does follow the beat of her own drum. Every single other student wears a ballet leotard and pink tutu. M rocks up in whatever she is wearing on the day. Be it shorts, a skort – whatever. She has never once mentioned the fact that she looks different to everyone else. It doesn’t seem to be important to her. I asked her if she’d like me to sew her a ballet skirt and she said that would be nice. I told her we could go and pick some material together – but frankly there was no urgency coming from her and she hasn’t mentioned it since. I really like and admire that about her.

I’m off to work today. Its my regular day on Friday. I’ve been doing as much overtime as I can of late. The rotten luck with things breaking and falling apart continues. It was the pool pump’s turn to break this week. Children are growing and sprouting needing new shoes, new bathers, … it feels like the money is flying out of my purse.

Time to go hit the shower now I guess. Maybe since I’m up already I’ll head into work a bit earlier. Grab a coffee and watch the magical colours in the sky as the sun rises. Maybe. Or perhaps I’ll just stand in the shower and let the water rush over me – enjoying the peacefulness of the house and a moment to bath without three little people all crashing my party?

How have you been of late anyway? My blogtoberfest has been a total flop. I’ve not read your blog in sometime… I’ll catch up soon – I promise! But in the meantime – how ya been?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

strawberries and flowers

my precious Ms. M
Ms. M and I made this hat together. Together in that she chose the fabric and embellishments and I toned down her embellishments and sewed the hat together. You won’t know it from the photo above – but she is really really pleased with it. That’s just her surly model face.
strawberry and flower hat for Ms. M

I used the Kids Hat Pattern from You Sew Girl. I’ve used the pattern before, with varying brim widths. It’s a winner!  It is lined with a pink gingham. Cute. Just like my sweet precious girl.

Sewing along with Carmel @ Solomon Sewing. Late again. I’m not sure that I’m cut out for this sew-along stuff. I am yet to finish my skirt from Cam’s sew-along earlier in the year! One day… maybe?

Check out other peeps hats here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the holidays that were

are we there yet hairdresser at the show
at the laundry mat hairy maclary high tea
tickets colouring O at the laundry

I’m not sure if it is right to describe the break between school terms as a holiday. It sure was a busy and hectic time – not a lot of lounging and resting up going on. Not until we were all sick – and let’s face it – resting up when your sick doesn’t count as a holiday.

I barely saw my darlings in the first week; the kiddo’s paternal grandparents were in town so they spent as much time as possible catching up with them and I went into the office and did some extra hours.The second week was for the most part a write off with illness.

Even so my precious babes and I did get to do some special things together. There was the Royal Show, the Are We There Yet? Exhibition, Hairy Macleary and friends, & Madagascar 3.  Baby O was a fan of the laundry mat – the other two not so much. Ms. M enjoyed the hairdressers and E. was at his creative best throughout.

… and I even got a chance to get frocked up and head out to high tea sans children on the last Sunday for the very special occasion of celebrating Megan and her new liver’s first anniversary together.

Monday, October 15, 2012

washing woes

washing woes

Oops. I fell off the blogtoberfest wagon. In my defence - last week was a rough one. There was a family afflicted with gastro, a washing machine that had died (after being serviced twice in as many months) and a clothes line that snapped at the posts and fell down. Moreover it was school holidays and we had interstate visitors. *exhale* After drowning in washing, a few visits with three children in toe to the local laundry mat (@ $5/wash load – OMG!) eventually finding an afternoon to get to an electrical store to buy a new washing machine (that naturally was delivered on a rainy day!) and a Sunday afternoon installing a new clothes line - I have finally come up for air.

Saturday, October 6, 2012



I’ve never really considered myself to be much of a planner. I am the daughter of a chronic planner and worrier so I’ve always regarded myself to be rather laid back and impulsive, a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. If it was ever true it is no longer. Since becoming a mother I have become more and more a planner. It is for my sanity really. I need to write down who needs to be where and when. No overly complicated plans but a name and a place next to a date so that I don’t put too many things on any single given day.

These days when I leave the house I take water bottles, snacks and maybe even a change of clothes if we’ll be out for sometime. I visualise in my mind where we’re going and see if I can get as many odd jobs ticked off lists en route. I detest nothing more than having to retrace my steps in a day. Yet still I wouldn’t consider myself to be a compulsive planner, I’m still flexible to last minute changes and impromptu plans.

Currently my partner’s family are in town. Standing next to these people I might appear to be a compulsive planner. It was only a couple of days before they arrived that they actually confirmed their trip, letting us know that rather than staying in town for one week they now were staying for two. Then after a couple of days they had to find accommodation in the midst of the school holidays because despite booking a trip for two weeks they’d only booked accommodation for three nights! Bizarre. If I was going on a trip the last thing I would want to do would be flapping around organising new accommodation when I could be lapping up the sights. I just don’t get the logic. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Perhaps it is because I feel so time poor I want to make sure I can maximise every minute to its fullest potential? Who knows?

An exciting parcel arrived this week. My new diary for 2013. This is my third red weekly notebook planner in a row. The size and format of this diary really works for me. A small space to jot down events and a ruled page to write lists, thoughts, observations, questions and the like. I’ve already coloured in all the school holidays and have events and plans recorded well into April.

So what about you? Do you plan or just lob up?

Friday, October 5, 2012

this moment

little hands that love to crochet

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.    A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Playing along with soule mama.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

a bear bunch

These bits and pieces have finally come together. The result? A bear bunch. 

Unlike Jess I’m not so good coming up with names and stories for my new found friends. Perhaps you could help me? Grab a coloured bear – name it and tell me her/his story. Go on. Help me out and have a little fun.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

creative crafts at the show

Creative Crafts
A small sample of the creative crafts exhibited at the Royal Show this year.  Lots and lots of traditional crafts – not a lot of modern spin. Even so I must say that I was thrilled to see that the Osborne Primary School had a knitting class – even if the students did knit toilet paper covers and The sandwich container crafted into Subi train station was very innovative and conceptual indeed.

My beloved is nudging me to enter next year. Perhaps I will.

Have you ever entered a regional show?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it’s show time

1. royal show2. royal show3. royal show 4. royal show 5. royal show6. royal show6a royal show7. royal show8. royal show 9. royal show10. royal show11. royal show12. royal show13. royal show14. royal show15. royal show16. royal show

We went to the show. It was a toasty 34C. We ate ice creams. The children played in the snow. We saw big animals. We saw little animals. We admired crafts*. We went on lots of rides. We ate corn on the cob. We got show bags. We delighted in the fireworks. We had an awesome time.

Monday, October 1, 2012

blogtoberfest 2012


I’ve been umming and ahhing all evening… tossing around the possibility of playing along in the festivities that is blogtoberfest. To blog every day for the month of October… I’m not entirely confident that I have it in me this year. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sign up here if you want to play along too.