Sunday, June 2, 2013

butter scarf

butter scarf rolled

Winter is here.   *sigh*

I’ve always adored Autumn but in this part of the world the season is fleeting. Indian summers are regular and it feels like the leaves have only just turned away from green, the brisk mornings, the warm pleasant Autumn sun* just beginning to radiate when suddenly there is a cold snap and winter is upon us. me wearing the butter scarf @ 23wks pregnant

I started knitting this “butter scarf” – named so because of its delicious butter colouring – at the end of last year, just as the summer began. Originally I used 4mm needles but after a while I realised that it was too dense, not floppy enough for a lovely draping scarf, so I changed to 5mm needles and started again while we were on Rottnest Island. The scarf is entirely of garter stitch. Simple as. I’m thrilled with it. Yet more evidence supporting my theories about the wonders and magnificence of simple things.

It is certainly lusciously long. I was having so much fun knitting back and forth along the rows that I kept adding balls of wool, “just one more” I would convince myself. I just didn’t want the making to end. The result, a scarf that is 196cm in length. 


* as opposed to the harsh and pretty much intolerable summer sun that scorches Perth.


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