Tuesday, June 4, 2013

jane seymour

Jane Seymour Henry's 3rd Wife

Straight up I should tell you that I’m a republican. I think an Australian should be our head of state. Even so I love the Queen and love lots of royal gossip too. It’s a hangover from spending too much time with my Nan when I was young. There have been times when I have sought the longest queue at the grocery store so that I’d have sometime to peruse trashy magazines for royal gossip. Awful I know, but we all have our shocking secrets.

The Queen herself was in Perth not long after baby O. was born for CHOGM. I’d given lots of thought to heading into town to see her, like Jennie did when HRH was in her neighbourhood, but decided that taking a two year old and a newborn into town on the train with the masses on my own might be a ridiculous and overwhelming endeavour. I regret that decision a little bit now.

One of the outcomes from the CHOGM meeting was the agreement that the succession laws be changed. No longer would a younger brother have more entitlement to the thrown than his older sister. About time.

Jane Seymour stitchy goodness

The Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean periods in English history I’ve always found particularly interesting. Henry VIII got himself into all kinds of bother due to succession. He so wanted a male heir. Jane Seymour his third wife finally provided him with son he’d so desperately desired. Apparently she was less educated than Henry’s first two wives but was much better at embroidery. She was smart enough to keep her head which is more than can be said of some of Henry’s wives.

Jane Seyour kept her head

One of my favourite TV series in recent years has been The Tudors, it was not particularly true to known facts , but it spun a good yarn nonetheless.

This embroidery of Jane Seymour was stitched by an ex-boyfriend’s mother. She made it especially for me, and I’ve keep it for close to twenty years. It’s never been hung on a wall – in that way it is not to my style, but forever I have admired all the work that she invested in it, all the tiny stitches, the details. For now it sits on the shelf in the grey room. It really does deserve a better fate.

Perhaps it is about time for Australians to start talking about the republican debate again? Wayne and Malcolm seem to think so. Do you?*

* please don’t feel like you have to agree with me… I love to learn and think about different perspectives. Difference keeps life interesting!!!

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  1. I would naturally lean towards Republicanism but I'm not so sure it's a big deal actually. Love the embroidery :) Kx


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