Sunday, June 23, 2013


Perhaps I am projecting my baby brain onto others, because these days if I don’t write it down there is little chance I’ll remember. Often I find myself standing in a room wondering why on earth I am there. I wander around the house aimlessly blundering through domestic chores. I’m no chance to remember the essential grocery items at the shops if I don’t have a list with me.paying it forward

Last year I signed up to pay it forward. I missed the yearly deadline by months but finally last week I got some covered moleskin notebooks off to surprise their recipients. Hopefully they’ll prove useful.

for travellers

My folks are heading O.S. in a couple of weeks. Their first big overseas adventure together, well since they retired anyway. As a bon voyage gift I sent these travel inspired notebooks. They were sent in a parcel full of Auskick fundraising chocolates. I’m so grateful that they bought so many. Fundraising drives can be so stressful. Frankly I’d rather just donate the profit margin, especially while my kiddos are still too young to go walking around the neighbourhood flogging chocolates on their own.

Anyway – I digress.for travellers (2)I do so hope my folks have a wonderful adventure … and secretly I hope too that one day I’ll get to see the notes, lists, drawings that they write while their away.

I’m easing my way back into this sewing caper. Good to be back at the machine.


  1. I am excited to be the recipient of one of these beautiful notebooks! Thanks so much! Love!

  2. sally thankyou also for my gorgeous note book. it was a lovely surprise to find in the mail :) cheers

  3. I agree about the chocolates Sal, our school gave an option of making a donation that was half the cost of the box you had to sell, which was a great idea.
    Good to see you are sewing again - it's like free therapy (well almost free...!).

  4. They are gorgeous...I could do with a few around my house...never mind being pregnant. I too forgot a pay it forward such a bad thing that I can't even remember who i was supposed to send too....time for a holiday I think in this house. xxx


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