Monday, June 10, 2013

on the weekend we ate cake

aftermoon cinnamon tea cake

On the weekend I made cake. A recipe that I have adapted from The Golden Wattle Cookery Book that has since become a family favourite.

On the weekend we celebrated Ms. M’s doll Susie’s birthday.  We put a candle in the cake. We all sang happy birthday and called out “hip hip hooray”.

On the weekend E. played Aussie kick as Ms. M lay on the picnic rug colouring and I sat watching, cheering and knitting.

On the weekend the whole family enjoyed the sunshine as we weeded and raked the front garden.

On the weekend I read more of my book.

On the weekend my footy team won, but Dave’s lost.

On the weekend it rained and we drank hot chocolates and ate marshmallows.

On the weekend we danced around to Groove Amarda.

On the weekend E. and O. had loads of fun on the skateboard.

On the weekend Ms. M jumped and jumped high into the sky on the trampoline.


What happened on your weekend?


  1. Our weekend was all about biscuits, rather than cake. We Coptic bound a new collection of handmade books while eating said biscuits and listening to Triple J radio station count down the top 100 songs of the past 20 years. (As you'd imagine, it was a bit of a stroll down memory lane!)

  2. Our weekend was all about my first market stall. It was a great day! Lots of sugar was consumed. Manning a lolly buffet all day does have that slight advantage.

  3. Great weekend antics...all the above are great ways to spend a weekend. Hope your week is a little slower for you. xx

  4. My weekend was without cake. I knew there was something missing.

    Is that one a plain tea-cake with cinnamon and brown sugar on top? It looks awfully like one that was 'my' cake when I was a kid. I made a million of them, I'm sure....


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